How to Make $1 million in Credit Repair – with Ricardo Soto and Daniel De La Garza

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Imagine having back surgery & being out of work for six months or being let go at your banking job due to a devastating personal tragedy…

.. You decide to dip your feet into the credit repair industry…

.. You hope that it’ll help you stay on your feet and pay the bills…

.. And within 12 months you’ve made $1 million in revenue!?

That is the groundbreaking story of today’s podcast guests: Ricardo Soto and Daniel De La Garza.

They are here to detail their extraordinary journey of ‘zero to hero’ with credit repair in quite literally just 12 months. They’re now official members of our prestigious Millionaire’s Club.

Today they share their difficult backgrounds, how they got started in credit repair, and what they’d say to themselves when they first started their journey.

We hope that we can inspire more people to change lives and futures by joining our Credit Repair Cloud, to create more success stories like Ricardo and Daniel!

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Key Takeaways:

Ricardo and Daniel’s Story (00:00)
How they got started in Credit Repair (03:27)
Where to learn skills for credit repair (09:03)
Have you had any other business experience? (12:24)
Secret Marketing hacks for success (13:22)
The importance of transparency (18:09)
What to know about building a TikTok following (21:02)
What else is in your funnel? (23:48)
How to delegate (34:26)
What’s your biggest business superpower? (37:29)
The book that changed our approach to business (40:03)
What truly motivates us (40:30)

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if i dispute something on my credit report does it come off

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    Very encouraging and motivational. Thank you!

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    Who did you use to do the sales funnel? I would love to know so I can implement and achieve the same success.

  3. CreditTricksCreditHacks CreditTips says:

    wow, that is incredible

  4. Richard Jefferson says:

    When you update your personal info. Does that count as a dispute. Because I know you said dispute only 5 per 30 days

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