How to Legally Delete Collections Off Your Credit Report and Get 850 Score

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How to Legally Delete Collections Off Your Credit Report and Get 850 Score

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how to get something off of your credit report

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31 Responses

  1. Gods Love says:

    Hi thank you I find ur video very good with information, question do u work as on behalf of other people to help guide in the right way personally to get stuff remove

  2. C&D Gaglia says:

    where is the link for this letter? "no contract" I do not see a link. thanks

  3. just a guy says:

    can anyone help me remove Verizon so far nothing has worked =[

  4. Roger Kirksey says:

    I need advice on what I need to do I suppose close 26 of October of 2020 I have FHA LOAN but I had something to pop up on my credit report the loan officer says it need to be off before we can close today is 14th. I don’t want to change my close date….
    my credit score is 759 but underwriter wants negative off credit report before we can close can I get off in 2 weeks

  5. Ron Schroeder says:

    I remember watching this video about 8-9 months ago and decided to try her method… I started out with a 523 credit score and now I have a 719 fico8 credit score! With her technique and responsible credit usage my score went up almost 200 points in less than a year! DO IT! IT WORKS! And now you can dispute most collections right inside of most credit monitoring apps! THANKS!!!! CHANGED MY CREDIT LIFE!

  6. Brian Henderson says:

    Great video & Excellent job explaining this information.

  7. Chentao Xinglue says:

    The camera operator is getting tired holding the camera…

  8. Michelle Jones says:

    Good information!

  9. Corey Douglas says:

    Do you remove old addresses ?

  10. The Credit Repair Shop says:

    Removing a charge off can be done by negotiating it with a settlement payment if the debt is 100% validated. Also if the debt collector purchased the debt and too over the account the original credit becomes voided and the history can be deleted off of your reports due to the original creditor selling the debt and getting paid for it. Submit to the bureaus an "Obsolete Account" dispute and it will get removed.

  11. L.Moore says:

    Did you have to have the account numbers?

  12. Kountry says:

    Thanks maam unlike the others u a big help salute to u

  13. Dee Stokes says:

    I did this and it came back verified now what do I do?? Thanks in advance!

  14. aspeck360 says:

    I did this but instead of deleting it the closed it…which lowered my score what should I do

  15. Mamamia says:

    I have 5 collections on my account. If I write a letter to each credit bureau do I have to do one collection at a time?

  16. panama1965 says:

    thank you for the information you are very knowledgeable n keep ur videos coming

  17. N Massey says:

    You are very intelligent you’ve helped me a lot Thank you!

  18. Jasmin Wade says:

    Hello! I’m 22 and have 2 collections on my account totaling $3k. I wanted to know if I send the letters, do I have to pay to get a notary to sign them or can I just send the letters out without the notary signature? I just want to find the cheapest and easiest route to get these collections off immediately. Thank you so much for your time!

  19. Chuma Doshi says:


  20. Mr Mentor CreditJamz says:

    How do we delete inquiries?

  21. Naya Naya says:

    Great video first one I see that is actually helping you, thanks alot

  22. jackie tremble says:

    Thanks for the info. Do I need to write each credit bureau to have a collections accounr removed?

  23. Cashabbb .m says:

    Can you remove a rent collection?

  24. Section8 millionaire says:

    So i did this about a week ago. I literally hand wrote a letter to transunion saying i do not have a contract with the following collection agencies and it was gone in about a week. The collection was paid about 3 years ago and wasnt scheduled to fall of until late 2019. thanks for the info

  25. Lamont Whitakerg says:

    I need help getting finger hut removed from my credit report

  26. Rick Acord says:

    I have a collection account from a collector who bought my account and took me to court and won a judgement then placed it on my report. is it the same if they won a judgement? thank you

  27. Wes says:

    Came here from your lottery video…never found out if you won? My aunt had terrible credit (due to an accident) and went to a class, I think at her church, that taught her these techniques. She did them and got over a 800 credit score within one year. It involves writing letters to the credit bureaus. They just expect nobody to fight them and you can get them dropped. You also can get a bunch of secured credit cards. Anyway, you should start a business doing this. Whenever you do, I'm interested.

  28. Johnny Booze says:

    Thank u. This was very helpful

  29. It is a Lifestyle! says:

    You may have to write more than one letter BUT don’t let that discourage you.

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