How to Increase Your Credit Score FAST to 800+ in 2021 (12 tips!)

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I’m getting together soon with a group of real estate investors to show them creative passive income strategies. Would you like to join us? 👉

If you were going to purchase a $150,000 income property that rents for $1,500/mo with a conventional loan from the bank of your choice, you’d be expected to bring $30,000 to the closing table as your down payment. The bank would bring the balance of $120,000 in the form of a mortgage.

If you have an 800 credit score, right now you could expect a rate of 3.5%… of which would calculate to a 14% cash-on-cash return on this property.

If you had a middle-of-the-road credit score, an 11% cash-on-cash return.

If you had the minimum credit score, an 8% cash-on-cash return.

All things being equal… notice the difference between a great credit score and the minimum credit score on your return. That’s a 57% difference in your property’s performance!

An 800 credit score can equate to you getting to your passive income goal 57% faster, OR with 57% less property purchases.

After filing bankruptcy in 2001. I’ve almost got my score to an 800, and I’ll show you in this video how I did it.

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