How to increase your credit score fast in 2020

Learn how to increase your credit score fast in 2020. In this video, I give you 5 tips on how to raise your credit score fast and put yourself in the best position to get the best interest rates when buying a home. Each of these tips will help raise your credit score but collectively they can help you raise your credit score by 100 points or more in just 30 days.

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How to increase credit score fast – Watch the video to learn how to raise credit score 100 points

✅Pay Down Credit Balances to 50% or less or Ask for a limit increase on credit cards or potentially both
✅Have yourself added as an authorized user
✅Don’t pay off collection accounts that are old but when you do pay them off make sure you are getting a letter from the collection company stating that they will remove from your credit entirely
✅Don’t cancel unused credit cards
✅ Pay your accounts before they are due so when the companies report to the credit bureaus, your recent payments are reflected on your credit report.

Please let me know your thoughts below: Have you ever used any of these tips to increase your credit score? If so, which ones?

Have you done credit repair before? What did you think? Were they able to help you increase your credit score fast?

Do you believe there is an easier way to increase your credit score fast?

Do you have questions about real estate, fico scores or buying a home? If so, reach out to me directly

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27 Responses

  1. Brian Pauls says:

    Hello Jeb, thanks for the concise explanation of the processes to raise my score. I have a VA eligibility and have a couple of medical collection accounts and it is driving my score lower than 700 I lost 67 points in one day 720 to 668 on Trans Union. I want to buy a Home in HB. Would you be interested working with me? I will call your office and leave a message and my number. Thanks, Brian

  2. Lilshaz83 says:

    Are installment loans aka mortgages or car loans part of credit utilization?

  3. Lawrence Wiley says:

    Thanks rockstar

  4. sundaespeaks says:

    Please stop swallowing in the video very distracting and hard to watch

  5. Joy Joy says:

    Just wait until the government takes complete control of credit scores and bureaus. I can't even imagine the mess. And honestly the current credit system is not that hard to get at all as long as your IQ is not below room temperature. If you really can't get it and aren't responsible enough to make it work, nobody should be lending you money anyways but try to reach out to Anonymoussolutionx . O rg to fix your credit report and get best things for yourself..

  6. Mercedes Jutsine says:

    After trying to remove erroneous, unverifiable and premature accounts from my personal credit report, an European Cyber Security Technician, Engr.SolutionXHAck  helped me removed them, I can’t thank him enough for life, this are account that should legally not be there and He gave me some golden secret about the consumer laws that govern what the creditor and the credit bureaus can and can’t do, I was sensitized about the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting act). He can manage your credit score, help you settle/resolve your credit score dispute and help you challenge it with the law when it is not in your favour. I was so much impressed by his work and that’s the reason I’m recommending him as well. You can reach him via email f i x x h a c k x s p y   @   g m a i l , c o m  . or leave your message on business WhatsApp num +1 7 0 8 9 8 6 1 4 2 7 very good and reliabl
     , Sounds too good to be true? Don’t worry. It will not be so amazing to me, to know that you free from debts and can buy what you want after meeting this expert security tech today. And don’t forget to Thank Me Later

  7. Sareth Chantha says:

    Who they look at if my score is higher but my husband is alittle lower?

  8. Michael Swaim says:

    50% utilization or anything down to 30 will kill your score. More like under 10%.

  9. Catharine Hughes says:

    I would recommend SolutionX expertise, a lot of people here would say do it yourself which I did but you can't beat this collection agencies and they kept calling with different numbers which can be annoying. I started with Lexington Law but their response was slow and they got just 1 item removed but I paid every month regardless until I started using "Anonymoussolutionx . org" credit fixiging expertise which paid off because they removed a few negative item and gave out free consultation on how to dispute a few myself. I have a current credit score of 780 and you should know there are a lot of good credit repair company, you just need to be smart about picking one in charge of your credit profile.

  10. Abraham Stagi says:

    To buy a house do we need credit reports from credit cards or are there other alternatives to raising credit to purchase a house?

  11. Charlotte Woods says:

    SolutionXHack on telegram is the best credit fixer. I highly recommend their service struggling with their credit life

  12. Becca Inglewood says:

    Eliminate late payments, evictions, collections, repossessions, hard inquiries, negative items, charge offs, foreclosures, settled debts, bad records; from your credit report using Hiltoecyberservicescom.

  13. Peter Hendricks says:

    Reach out to Hiltoecyberservicescom, to get your credit score INCREASED LIKEWISE; fixing your credit report.

  14. Anderson Bill says:

    Your credit score determines how much trust you're worth and it helps separate the good customers from the bad ones and it also helps to identify high risk customers. I'm my 30s I was quite careless and this ruined my credit score but this my friend recommended this guy iHacktools on Instagram and he helped me manage my account and was able to boost my credit score to 850 within a period of 14 days and I can't just thank him enough for his good deeds so I'll recommend him to anyone that might be facing similar issues looking for how to up their credit score should contact iHacktools on Instagram or whatsapp +16615059968

  15. Anonymous Solution X Dot Org says:

    Few weeks ago, I saw a comment of a Lawyer giving thanks to a Elite Credit Expert( SolutionXHack ) on a credit youtube channel video ,then i was convince and decided to give it a try. IT was a BIG Suprise to me after because SolutionXHack helped saved my life by raising my credit to 805 from 582, SolutionX also erased my late payments, loan, student loan and my hard inquries I am so much grateful and happy now because i'm qualified for my Dream Home and business loans…I'm so grateful for the the affordable honest service you rendered to me and I recommend,if you want a best solution for your credit problems. Feel free to reach out SolutionXhack too, send your mail to: f I x x h a c k x s p y @ gmail ● com . or text +1 7 0 8 9 8 6 1 4 2 7 and dont forget to thank me later.


  16. amelia hill says:

    Thanks so much SolutionXHack ) for saving me and my kids life from being here in Texas. I've been moving from one motel to another for shelter.i got 2 eviction in my report and few collections that brought my scores so low…I tried Lexington law and different credit repairs yet changed, all they did was taking my money and wasted alot of time. Not until a Realtor referred me to this elite honest and amazing repair team and I reached out to them through their email contact which is Fixxhackxspy @gmail .com .. few minutes after, I got a response and after meeting their demands, my scores was raised to 805 in a short period of time and also my eviction and collections was removed in a short period of time ..SolutionX made my dream come true and I recommend to everyone who need the help in their life

  17. Chris young says:

    All thanks to, for making it easier for me to get my score increased.

  18. D A Henry says:

    Are you sure 50%. I've always heard keep under 30% total….so is it 50% each card or 50% total utilization

  19. Becky Rebecca Quin says:

    I am renting a house that isn’t getting reported to any of the credit companies. I call in with proof showing I’m paying and paying on time so as to help my rental history still no response. I was finally contacted by Pamela Young who introduce me to SOLUTIONX. He took over my loan after i paid him of course, His nice and understanding genus and the fee is affordable because i'm sad paying to some other company that i never agreed to pay in the first place but later stole a huge portion of my payment with no result from them before i finally came across SOLUTIONX I waited for few weeks (maybe 3 or so) and he round up the reports and clear my student loan at the right time with no traced. He make sure my score is above 790 across the 3 credit bureaus. contact the best credit repair agency to get your credit fixed for you Here I am boldly telling people here to contact and send your mail to SOLUTIONXCATAYLST @ GMAIL . COM or leave your message on business WhatsApp num +1 7 0 8 9 8 6 1 4 2 7 very good and reliable to fix your bad credit today

  20. Kirsty Hill says:

    My credit score is at 795. I'm currently in the game and I'm so so happy and grateful to the authentic trustworthy elite credit service from SolutionXHack. One week in and I can 12 items have been removed,including my student loans and inquiries….I cant wait to see the bankruptcy disappear and see my score skyrocket.. Im grateful for the great honest repair service SolutionX render to me and I recommend to everyone to ease your and help you out also…if you wish to have yours fixed too and your email to fixxhackxspy @ gmail . Com and dont forget to thank me too

  21. Rose Barkley says:

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  22. Shinobruhh says:

    Want to buy a home but my credit sucks can ya help?

  23. Larry Hale says:

    I stopped having bad days bad life bad past stories ever since I came across golden bridge creditfix they rectified everything that went wrong in my life with their hacking skills currently my credit score is 799 and I’ve been granted a loan that I’ve applied for a long time golden bridge creditfix are expertise in what they do contact them thru their website wwwdotgoldenbridgecreditdotcom

  24. Dan Ri says:

    The fact that people have to game the credit model and doesn’t have good money spending habits in the first place means they are subprime borrower.

  25. Jay says:

    810 right here whoop whoop!

  26. Michelle's Daughter says:

    Hey Jeb! Do you recommend paying of a fixed rate loan first or a credit card?

  27. Jeb Smith says:

    Have you used any of these tips to try and increase your credit score? If so, did it work? I'd love to hear your feedback.

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