How to IMPROVE your Credit Score 2022

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Here are EASY ways how to increase your credit score fast and send it to the MOON (800+). Add me on Instagram: @theVictoriaMiz

00:00 Introduction
0:30 Benefits of Having a Good Credit Score
0:53 Credit Score Myths and Misconceptions
1:26 Channel Introduction and Disclaimer
2:05 What is Credit Score
3:31 How Are Credit Scores Calculated
5:53 Check Your Credit Score and Credit Report
6:52 Credit Report Issues
9:12 Solution 1: Authorized User
11:08 Solution 2: Get a Secured Credit Card
12:08 Solution 3: Pay on Time
13:10 Solution 4: Decrease Credit Utilization
15:50 Conclusion

👀 Here’s what makes up 100% of your credit score 😎

Simply DO NOT EVER MISS CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS, and DO NOT PAY IT OFF LATE; otherwise, it will significantly DROP your score. Negative stuff like BANKRUPTCIES, accounts sent to COLLECTIONS, and FORECLOSURES LOWER YOUR SCORE … A LOT.

To have a HIGH score, it’s recommended NOT to MAX OUT CREDIT CARDS and AVOID carrying accounts with HIGH BALANCES because it will DROP your score, and banks will see you as a risky borrower.

It is simple – the LONGER you have your accounts OPEN, the BETTER your credit score is.

FOURTH: 10% – CREDIT MIX 💸 🏡 🚙
It includes your ability to handle different types of loans like auto loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc.

Meaning, whenever you apply for credit, it gets reported to credit bureaus and shows as a hard inquiry on your credit report, therefore lowering your score by a few points. If you have too many hard inquires within a short amount of time, it will lower your score substantially.

FIRST: Become an authorized user. It’s the EASIEST way to boost your credit score without you doing the work. Ensure a person who adds you has a good credit score, no late payments, and negative marks like bankruptcies, foreclosures, accounts sent to collections.

SECOND: Get a secured credit card. If you have no credit or bad credit, this is a perfect choice to start budling trust with credit card companies.

THIRD: Pay on time. Always pay your credit card balance on time to avoid your credit score dropping. Multiple missed payments may result in an account being sent to collections, which will drastically worsen your score.

FORTH: Decrease credit utilization. Ideally, to have a perfect credit score, it’s recommended to keep your total credit utilization below 10%. So if your credit limit is $10.000, then your balance shouldn’t exceed $1000.
Also, make sure to keep your credit accounts open and don’t close them even if you don’t use them anymore. Closing older accounts will decrease the age of your credit history, which will affect your credit score negatively.

❗️DISCLAIMER: Information provided in this video is not financial advice; it’s for entertainment purposes only. I’m not a financial/investment advisor. I’m sharing my personal experience and opinion. All solutions, suggestions, strategies, tips, and recommendations are shared for entertainment purposes. There are risks associated with investing. For investment advice, please seek the help of a financial/investment advisor(s) and conduct your due diligence. This video is accurate as of the posting date yet may not be accurate in the future. Some of the offers mentioned may no longer be available.

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