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  1. BigSur11 says:

    Thanks, Apple! I'll try to be more careful next time.

  2. Jay MCCNMD says:

    exceptionally great information! Apple Team thanks

  3. Steve Seidl says:

    I would like to encourage you to create a video explaining how to avoid Apple Pay Scams too. I think they are becoming too common.

  4. Jose Romero says:

    Stop saying people's identity is writing or a plastic card. People's identity is their face.

  5. M-d vlogs &docbaseball28 says:

    What about the apple support text line that shows a grey verification check mark? They ask for your Apple ID

  6. Jav C says:

    I hate phishing! Never knew the email addy to report these. I will be doing that so much more now that I know of it.

  7. Eerie Khalideeney says:

    Although I know macOS and iOS well, I find myself binge watching thesevideos.

  8. James Finley Addison Kristianto 1313072 says:

    Hmmm apple says “legit” now thats DaAppke

  9. Ishmeet Singh says:

    I got a phone call it said apple is dispatching an iPhone 7 . What should I do.

  10. Rayan Plays TI says:

    is it safe I’m on iPad?

  11. One9seventy says:

    If y’all want to stop the emails UN subscribe

  12. DrewTheRealest says:

    It says I’m texting apple right now and it has like verification check mark is this a scam ?

  13. Bryan Max says:

    Just got this. Says someone bought hellboy with my account

  14. Texas Gigi says:

    Very helpful

  15. Charese says:

    iPhone iPad

  16. L Knowles says: (
    Your message wasn't delivered because the recipient's email provider rejected it.

  17. Silver'sTech says:

    Hey siri call mom

  18. Mazin Al Nofali says:

    1:03 WINNER!! Click Here

  19. Anirudh Ganesh says:

    The background music is irritating, nice editing team

  20. Gallavich Love80 says:

    Just happen to me. This is a useful video.

  21. Yuh.mp4 says:

    Thanks apple! Now I know not to trust the fake virus warning pop up ads!

  22. Touruuu says:

    Is there any chance that Apple will actually call you because of activity?
    I went to my Apple ID Devices and everything seemed normal.
    Today I got 2 calls. 1 that definetly sounded like a scam, and a bot telling me stuff.
    I am also worried that some day my mom or dad will pick it up, and follow those steps.

  23. Aaaaea says:

    Just wait a moment, just wait a moment sir, just wait a moment

  24. DrakkonAudios says:

    I am getting one but it’s obviously fake cause we never gave Apple our phone number since we never bought the phone our aunt did I’m not sure how to forward it

  25. TheWhiteNoob 735 says:

    Lol I got told suspicious “social assets” and I needed to speak to and officer.

  26. head trip industries - [A minor] says:

    hey apple…you (may) need "HardWall"…if the info is not on your list…there IS NO email, messages, calls from anyone…hard installed with every apple device…

  27. Stacey Holson says:

    Excellent video. its 2020 and unfortunately here are still a lot of online scams out there. recently I was a victim of a new email scam that cost me a lump of money. I never saw it coming. I hope these scammers rot in hell. I had to report to my local law enforcement through Losangelesacfe@gmail,com and thank goodness the perpetrator was arrested. everyone please be aware of these scams, educate to prevent. its safer when you know what to look out for.

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