How to get the perfect credit score for Property Investing!

So getting a good credit score is something you really need to think about if you’re a property investor. Why? Because if you’re after a property investment then mortgage companies are going to look at your credit file and make a decision to give you money based on your credit file and your credit score.

Do you have the perfect score and how did you get it? Let me know in the comments below!


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19 Responses

  1. Jas Sihra says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Do I need a credit card for a mortgage ? I have only a debit card and have no debt. I don't pay bills or car insurance or anything. I want to buy a bigger house with my parents and will stay with them.

    Thank you

  2. Ora Labora says:

    3:38 why would you not expense ads on company?

  3. Lino Velev says:

    man, this would have had over £50k clear value for me 6 month ago. Had to learn all these things the hard way. Great job, hope it helps many others.

  4. Adam C says:

    this is gold, can you do another video on what sort of credit card to go for ? the best ones to get for someone who never had one before, thanks

  5. eezak A says:

    Have you looked into 'declaration of trust' to reduce/avoid tax on the rent. Ie if husband and wife H is 20% tax payer but W is below threshold make her sole beneficiary of the rent! Is this possible?

  6. DeBoss says:

    Hey Jaime this was really helpful. Are overdrafts really useful if you keep going into them but then paying it back each month? Or would a credit card be better to improve the credit score?

  7. eezak A says:

    10:15 a friend had problem with good credit history due to 'credit utility' being high.

  8. Marcus says:

    I started using my credit card for purchases and even set up a direct debit to full it off in full each month. But the direct debit never worked. It went past the payment date by days and I panicked and manually paid it off. I haven't cancelled the direct debit but I still am manually settling things. But my credit score still goes down bit by bit… despite using my credit card slightly and paying it off, despite owning my house outright, despite regular income from my job, and despite the electoral roll time adding up month by month at my address.

  9. Alex Savage says:

    Your next task is to write Electoral Roll 100x . Jokes. Good luck!

  10. SeaN Dee says:

    Im sad about it.

  11. T Reza says:

    Hi Jamie, awesome vid. Quick question, I’ve got a perfect score of 999.. never taken a loan or used a credit card (bank of mum and dad until now). The only things that I assume have led to a good score is paying phone bill and being on electoral roll. I’ve been told this perfect score is useless for lenders since I’ve never taken credit and my report is pretty much empty. Is it worth opening and utilising a credit card even though it will initially lower my score? Thanks

  12. Celia Hall says:

    Brilliant info… but what’s the deal with Amex? Are you building up air-miles?!

  13. Shanna williams says:

    Thanks so much for this. luckily for me I did 2 hard searches close together recently so my credit score has gone down about 20 points. I plan to do a remortgage in 6 months so hopefully those searches will be gone, so there is no issues. I will check my credit file before I do the remortgage to make sure. Thanks again

  14. Adrenaline is Brown says:

    On my credit file how can i tell a difference between soft and hard check? Or is it only gonna show me hard checks?

  15. Marco Caorlini says:

    Thanks Jamie! Going a bit more in detail… Does opening and closing bank accounts/credit cards impact the score? Would you suggest it's better keeping open the first UK bank account I set up 7 years ago?
    I'm planning to open a new account and clear some others that I'm not using anymore, better doing everything at once?
    Thank you!

  16. theNewMayor Of CrazyTown says:

    I have bad credit and I did nothing wrong. An old landlord didn't pay the water bill and they found me at the address. I even have that said in a legal deposition too. Told the credit agency but they said that I came up on the system as owing money. 

    Guilt by implication. Don't know why I watch these videos as I will never be given a mortgage.

  17. 1bobba1 says:

    Another great vid mate

  18. Awedio Music says:

    Perfect! Just turned 18, looking into this myself

  19. Cheska Garado says:

    Hi Jamie! I know this is not property related. But, I need to give a credit on your YouTube. You are doing really really well. Maybe, you could show us on how you make your videos? Your background? and audio? And how are you keeping up with your deadline? Do you do plenty of videos or do you only just make 1 video in one go. I know video editing takes a whole time. Everything is amazing!! Even the way you style your hair is always in place. 😀 Haha! I would love to hear a feedback from you Jamie!

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