How To Get The Perfect Credit Score!

Welcome to Byte Size Tech – This Channel is devoted to highlights from Tech Deals. We trust you find them interesting, each clip is buried in live streams and podcasts that otherwise would not be found, hence why we clip them out for you.
**Disclaimer – we are not financial advisors or credit repair specialists. We are not giving financial advice or credit repair advice! Please seek advice from your financial advisor or credit repair advisor.

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How To Get The Perfect Credit Score

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32 Responses

  1. Tom D says:

    And that first guy needs to not pay off the card in full, and he has to keep spending to get his limits increased, which will increase his score.

  2. Tom D says:

    Have no late payments- late even one day on an account with a .29 balance sinks your credit score for 10 years lol it’s a scam

  3. Hack Sign21 says:

    These guy are fucking lame crypto cars wtf

  4. Andy Tan says:

    China is the greatest! Number one country

  5. Fantasy Engineered. says:

    or use 30% ! And also get an elite world MasterCard ! Maybe a couple of them !Yep! Know what your public record is. and how to use it !

  6. joe mama says:

    Hello Tech, should I upgrade to alder lake? I have a I9 10850K, Aorus Elite Z490 AC Mobo, RTX 3090, 850 Watt PSU, a 1440p 240hz monitor, as well as another monitor I use to watch youtube, and 16 gigs of ram. I mostly play Fortnite, but I do play Warzone and Minecraft occasionally. I already need to spend $300 on 64 gigs of ram, and was wondering if I should buy some DDR5 instead with that money, and then sell my old chip and mobo, and buy a 12900K, and a new Z690 Mobo.

  7. Rotmistrz Jan M says:

    I thought it's China's social credit score XD

  8. Olivier Héroux says:

    Very interesting stuff, thanks.

  9. Alex GottmitUns says:

    Love your family! Thank you for the wonderful advice. Keep the videos coming.

  10. Kyle Sprague says:

    John Cena is gonna help me get a perfect social credit score.

  11. Julian G says:

    My mom and brother all have a competition to get the highest credit score, I thought it was a good way to make us learn and get into credit lol. Obviously she has the highest, she's very good with money, but it was a fun way to teach us when we were younger lol.

  12. Kenny'z Reef says:

    It's a fucked up system. You have to always owe someone money. They want you in debt. I pay my rent in time for 20 years no worry's but I can't buy a damn house that would cost me less.

  13. crabby paddy says:

    My my my….I cut up my creditcards. dont owe a penny to anyone. Dont borrow to buy something if you cant afford to buy it. Only one thing to take a loan for if you have to…a House. IMO

  14. AsianPersuasion24x7 says:

    Life Deals!

  15. Ponn says:

    How To Get The Social Perfect Credit Score!

  16. Eric Witte says:

    Dave's advise you shouldn't even have credit it means you owe. I'm at 815 now the score went up as I started only getting things I can afford.

  17. SpecialWeek says:

    credit system is a weird beast , I paid a loan 1 year earlier and my score fell by 70points
    when I look what change , says account closed . it was the loan .. so I don't know

  18. GamerZ Logic says:

    Man if they were my parents. I'd have been unstoppable by the age of 18.

  19. ElladanKenet says:

    This was a really great segment of your stream. Tech and Rogue, you guys should really consider doing a Papa Deals channel. This is the kind of financial advice I wish I had when I was 19 and in college.

  20. sensZ says:

    Lookin for advice 🙂

    I got a 3090 strix oc white … i put it in a Asrock b450mAtx steel legend with a Ryzen 5 3600(non igpu) i got a Hx1000 watts platinum corsair and nothin seems to start … so i replaced it with an exact new one … the fans in the psu did spin with the PSU 24 pin "trick" but when i put it into my system nothin spins nothin starts …. everytime i turn it on i hear One tick and thats it nothin turns on 🙁
    Help me out if u can

  21. Jed Pratte says:

    Mine fluctuates between 750-800 randomly. When I purchased my house with 20% down on a 15 year fixed. The banker said I’m a slam dunk. I don’t like loans but if I even call now they don’t question anything will even put money into account and let me come sign paperwork later. Took me 15 years of never missing a payment on anything. And paying off loans early.

  22. Christopher Justice says:

    My dad did something similar to me with his credit card. He added me as an authorized user for one of his cards so at 18 I had 11 years of on time payment history.

  23. THE DUDE ABIDES says:

    I would sub to a papa deals channel

  24. Wyntyr _ says:

    Make your credit score irrelevant. Paying off debt isn't bad it's the best place to be. It's bad for a credit score…

  25. Gorno says:

    Leasing a car only really makes sense when it comes to high end luxury cars. Lease a brand new v12 SL Mercedes your payments will still be less than the depreciated value on the vehicle. But if you're looking for the kind of car most of us drive buying is still better.

  26. Jason says:

    I love my internet parents!! 😀

  27. Anthony B says:

    Chase still gives you the full credit history. I've done so for my kids

    When I signed up for the sapphire reserve it had over a 24k limit. My score shot up due to the change in my available credit and credit to debt ratio

    I paid off my car 3 years early and my credit score dropped
    This man is spitting out straight facts

  28. Mike Novelli says:

    You really shouldn't be discussing this on YouTube unless you are a licensed financial advisor. It's literally not legal for you to be giving financial advice like this.

    Credit to debt ratio

  29. O Rapalo says:

    But how do you get the best social credit score huehuehue

  30. Rohit Ranjan says:

    Tech, I need advice on this

    I have i7-8700, rtx 2080, 1440p single monitor

    I play AAA games at high settings and I want stable frames of 60fps(not wana nor gonna try 120 or 144hz)

    Is six cores enough for atleast end of 2023 to fulfil the requirement I have.

    Thanks for all the hardwork and information provided by your channel.

  31. Nicias Smith says:

    Having an 800 fico score is nice, I have one, but you really don't utilize it, especially if you are good with money and don't go on credit. I'm not buying anything on credit so I really have no need to call upon the 800 to do something for me.

  32. Olivia Moore says:

    This is such a foreign thing to a european. Like a lot is bought in credit in the USA right? Which is why you need a good credit score? Here, all one have to think about is so I make enough to be able to take a loan for a certain thing, if yes, it’s usually granted. Have I paid my rent / bills / credit in time, if yes, you’re very likely to be able to take things on credit / get a loan. If I haven’t paid things in time or if I’m unemployed, it’s difficult to get a loan / credit

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