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How to get the Apple Credit Card, without a hard inquiry!
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can you dispute hard inquiries on your credit report

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19 Responses

  1. Benyamin Levy says:

    Thanks for this!! Quick question: if I froze my account and leave it will Goldman Sachs still report the card on my credit report to the credit bureaus? Or do I need to unfreeze it for them to report it on my credit report?

  2. CitizenofDystopia says:

    I just did it and got approved. I was highly skeptical but saw like 3 videos saying it was possible. No joke. It worked!

  3. Martin Serafimoski says:

    I did everything like you said for me and my friend after i was approved and no inquiry i unfrozed my account and i got hit with an hard inquiry you do need to explain that the people need to wait before unfreezing their account :@

  4. Aramide Apo-Oyin says:

    Hi, I made a transunion account but I don't see an option to freeze it. Am I missing something or can I call transunion to freeze my account instead?

  5. Vi vi says:

    If I don't have TransUnion account what can I do?

  6. Vi vi says:

    If I didn't have and Iphone can I apply?

  7. Salxis says:

    but if you only freeze it on Transunion doesn’t that mean it reports on Experian and Equifax? so even if u freeze there will still be a hard inquiry

  8. Richard Medina says:

    Its not working

  9. Raul Martinez says:

    got approved for 9000. so far no inquiry yet……

  10. The Life Of Aboi says:

    I just did the process and it worked for me, thanks brodie! Lets get it!

  11. Jasmine Davis says:

    It works for me 7000

  12. A42yearoldARAB says:

    I can confirm this still works as of Nov 2021. I got approved for 8k which is surprising considering I have 6 other cards open. I used 1500 of it to get a 13 pro max lol. If you get charged to freeze, you did it wrong. There is a free way to freeze, read things carefully.

  13. Mark illescas says:

    I think it worked but how do i check if my credit was not pulled now ?

  14. Alex Orellana says:

    After I hit the agree on the agreement page and submitted it. They ask for my entire social security. Why is that?

  15. Isaac says:

    Does it do a hard inquiry on Experian?

  16. Michael Sanchez says:

    Hi after you get approve how long do you have to wait to unfreeze it again?

  17. Corporate Barber says:

    Was anyone asked to upload a picture of their I.D ?

  18. zuyo 47 says:

    When did you unfreeze the report from Transunion?

  19. Tr3vor says:

    when can I remove the freeze?

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