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This is a training replay that got a lot of great feedback: This video goes over how to take a credit report and decide which items to dispute, how to dispute them, who to dispute them with and when to do it.

Your goal shouldn’t be getting max deletionis in the least amount of time. Your goal should be getting a career instead of a job, savings thousands on your mortage per year, getting a new vehicle at an outstanding rate; things like that. Yes, you do need to get the fastest removals possible but you need to know where you’re going after that.

Think about where you could be, what you could do, what you could do for your family if your credit was better – doesn’t even have to be “great” – just better. Would you be able to take vacations? Have your kids ever been to Disneyland/Disneyworld?


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⭐️ Video notes:
Hi, my name is Kristen with expert credit sweeps. And this evening, I’m going to show you how to delete negative items off of any credit file. So I am going to be sharing my screen with you and I will show you the credit report when I started the credit reports 30 days later, the progress report showing which items were deleted, and the dispute letters that I actually sent out for this client file. So to start this off, let’s share the screen. Don’t want to do that. Oh, but we share the screen. Okay. Just get this. Okay. So this is the progress report for this client. And everything in red is still in progress. Everything that is yellow is deleted. Yes, I redacted partial account numbers. We have basically everything on here. That’s why I chose this file. A bankruptcy tax liens, collections charge offs, late payments. And what was deleted is collections, charge offs, charge offs, collections, and some late payments on the accounts that are actually still on there. So if we look at the first credit file, first credit report is actually going to be the one down here. I don’t know why I had it backwards. But this credit report is as of 911. So as you can see, we have collections, more collections. When you are looking at a credit file, meaning a credit report that again, credit report, you need to know what to look for, so that you know what to dispute I’m going to show you. So if you look at this page, right here, we have Capital One, and there’s a balance of 533. This is currently charged off and then this Capital One is also currently charged off, you can see that there’s in the payment history, it shows October 2017 I’m sorry, 2016 I went negative and then I went all the way to charge off. So you can look at your credit report and decide which accounts you want to dispute. Okay, so if I were going to choose Celtic bank, what I would want to dispute would probably be those late payments there to get it off, if disputing the entire account did not work. So if I was looking at another one, and it didn’t even get rid of that, that is interesting. Race. Okay, so if I were to look at another account to see what I wanted to dispute on first Premier, it would be the balance. So if you’re looking at the balance, there are certain things that you want to start with I you can choose the balance the past due you can choose specifically you know this late payment and APR on you really choose anything off of even the limit or the fact that there’s no high balance and any one of these things can take that whole account off. Now for collections which I’m going to show you the first letter that is always sent for collections which you can actually get on my website expert credit sweeps comm forward slash V O D as invalidation of debt. So that’s the first letter that you want to send for any non credit card non financing nine non bank any of those collections. So that would be like medical storage utility, you know, cell phone, basically anything like that. Just don’t send it to Verizon, it’s not going to work. So that would work for Ad Astra grant and Weber Jefferson. Some of the ones that we already passed, do you not send it for companies such as portfolio recovery, LVNV Funding, those are all for credit. Credit cards.

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