How to Get Out of ChexSystems Jail

During this livestream, you’ll discover …

•How to dispute inaccuracies in ChexSystems reports
•Exactly what ChexSystems is …
•… and what they do
•How ChexSystems helps merchants better understand risk
•Where ChexSystems data comes from
•What ChexSystems scores mean
•How to set security alerts and freezes
•Precisely how to dispute any issues with ChexSystems …
•… including how to avoid delays
•… and how much needs to be done by fax or phone …
•… and what can be accomplished online


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10 Responses

  1. Jane Spitfire says:

    I got a letter from Chexsystems and they have nothing in it on me. So shall I take this to the bank trying to get an acocunt.

  2. Melaney Evans says:

    ChexSystem is corrupt and are on the take with the banks .The bank reported me to ChexSystems out of retaliation because I challenged the banks decision on my disputes .
    The bank is stating that I owe money but my last 2 bank statements indicate a 0 balance and no negative balance showing any money owed . ChexSystems still refuses to remove this reporting. Why?

  3. Shanai Rogers says:

    Love the video! the only thing is the link in the beginning doesn't work

  4. Christian M. says:

    If you owe a indivodual (not a corporation) money can they report you there?

  5. Ivan Castillo says:

    I don’t have a credit card and this happen to me

  6. Lady T says:

    Why didnt you put the links in the description? Every few seconds is another long link. That's what the description is for

  7. Daniel daniel says:

    Bro, you talked about disputing but most of us we can't dispute anything because there is nothing to dispute. We made a mistake and now we are trying to get out of it. If you are an expert on this matter what we wanted to hear from you at list my self is this, if you are in a Check system and even pay the full amount, you are still going to be on the system for 5 years, so what is the purpose of paying your balance if it doesn't do anything to you. They can only remove you from the system if there is any kind of mistakes by your bank otherways it is kind of like thank you for paying but no thank you situation. So if you have any inside about this, please address it directly so we can deal with it. Thank you

  8. Dedric Bey says:

    If all else fails, wait until blemishes fall off your record. Reported information usually is removed from your ChexSystems file after five years.

  9. Rick Figley says:

    At this point they don't charge for the report. I just requested mine

  10. Planetgreenzen says:

    Thanks Ty, it was amazing speaking to you on the phone. You have a wealth of incalculable knowledge

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