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  1. Sean Nicholas says:

    I have a personal account with Navy Federal and just got a business account today. I've had the personal since August. Would my personal relationship be enough to get a business credit card?

  2. Michael Lathan says:

    If you have a account with direct deposit chances are better. Got approved

  3. Mercedes Phillips says:

    I need a sponsor to get in the Union

  4. Tiant Passmore says:

    Great content. Ive been with NFCU for 7 months with various product with them. Checking/savings pledge loan. Waiting to clean up my 691 TU report before applying for a credit card.

  5. FGU Investments says:

    I paid for something I never got that 2 weeks ago it kept asking me asking me to pay for more items. Please advise

  6. Theo Perator says:

    It's a minimum score of 700 tramsunion

  7. Inner G says:

    Super insightful

  8. Paris Sumrall says:

    Great information

  9. samuel sumrall says:

    Great video, I needed this.

  10. Nidia Aracena says:

    Very good information

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