How to get a FREE $100 from Target by getting approved for the RedCard Debit card! Nationwide Offer!

Learn how to get a FREE $100 from Target by getting approved for the Target RedCard Debit card! Nationwide Offer!
Link to this offer:

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I’m just a high school math teacher making videos on Youtube. Read the terms and conditions for each offer as banks can and do change the terms and conditions and pull offers early. For entertainment only, YMMV!


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17 Responses

  1. ZEUS investments says:

    Will it be a problem opening all these checking account s with check systems or ews system, and stop you from getting approved?

  2. Brijesh Kukreja says:

    Is this offer still available? When I click on the link below it doesn’t show the offer

  3. Sharon Gainer says:

    I got my card this past Wednesday, waiting on my coupon. I got to thinking is the coupon good after 10/2?

  4. L J says:

    Lol got it tonite n awaiting my card. Thanks John, can’t wait to test it out.


    Do you have to use it online first or can you use it in the store first then use it online ?

  6. Buckeye DJ says:

    I had signed up with the Red Card when I saw your last Target video. But I didn't do the online part. So I cancelled my card today (and it was VERY easy) and will hope to catch the next bonus in 90+ days.

  7. Ben Herzberg says:

    Wait, I’m confused. How do you use the coupon code twice for a net of $100 profit?

  8. Jason Terry says:

    John is bank pays 200 bonus and requires you to keep 1500 in it for 6 months how do you calculate your apy?

  9. Tim Wong says:

    Can you really get two Redcard debit cards? I heard you say you can apply online and then go in the store to apply yet again. I'm a little skeptical that you can get two of the same cards, especially when you apply for a card, you have to enter your social security number. I do think that if i were to apply in the store, it might flag it since I applied before using my own social security number.

  10. Alkheezy says:

    Is it a soft pull for the Debit Card?

  11. Tasha Got It says:

    What's a RedCard Debit Card

  12. He Provides says:

    Love this deal

  13. Laura Howard says:

    Thanks John – this is great!

  14. Kamm Casas says:

    Will try for the first time! Thank you

  15. Mike Bean says:

    yeah, I've actually got this one. It's a decent deal, but my condo is literally behind/waking distance from a target. So physical proximity makes it fairly convenient.

  16. Cris Jay Fajutag says:


  17. Bank Account Bonus Central says:

    link to this offer:

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