How to get $125 from the Equifax Data Breach Settlement – Equifax Dispute

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In September 2017, Equifax got hacked and lost the information of 147 million USA individuals. For reference, there are 330 million people in the USA. The Equifax Hack affected almost half of all Americans.

There is a class action law suit that you are a part of if your information was lost. By claiming your $125, you lose your ability to sue Equifax. However, you also lose this ability if you do nothing. You must file an “opt out” claim to retain your ability to sue Equifax in the Future.

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12 Responses

  1. Frank Barone says:

    CAUTION: Opting out, or giving any information to intelius or the FTC only verifies your a real person and only updates their database and makes them more money with the information you provide.
    The best way to do this without feeding the beast is 1, buy a (prepaid) burner phone with the least amount of time on it. Get the cheapest one you can find. because when your done with it, in the next step you'll need to destroy the sim and get rid of it. Get a PO Box for 1 month. 2. Call 8885678688 with the burner phone only. Choose the forever option, enter your name and address (PO Box) as instructed.
    After you get the confirmation in your PO Box, cancel your PO Box and get rid of the phone.
    This process will only stop them from sharing with utility companies, banks, and insurance companies.
    Protect your privacy, never GIVE info online or to your apps, always GET. Never give info or samples to DNA labs, that means Cologuard, 23 & Me, and Ancestry websites. The loss of all human privacy is at hand. Fight for your right to privacy before its too late. Don't let them know anything about you.

  2. meh says:

    This is all a scam, pretty nice when they start a class action, basically to screw consumers again because they screwed consumers. Fuck MERICA DER GREAT AINT IT! smh fucking hell…..

  3. Potato PewPew says:

    I would be VERY VERY CAUTIOUS listening to this guy. Or doing this. There is a lot of fine print he isn’t covering. You aren’t even guaranteed $125 you could in theory only even get $0.26, yes that’s 26 CENTS. Don’t sign this relying on $125 because most likely you won’t see that much.

  4. Laz Bog says:

    why did you stop ebay dropshipping videos?

  5. Ian Korman says:

    I searched on videos and yours was the best. You were the only one I could find that showed how to fill it out to include the $25 per hour section.

  6. Aprilia RS says:

    I think everyone should also know though once they do this if anything happens you are making it so you can’t sue equifax so I would be careful doing this

  7. Tanya Davis says:

    Thank you so much! Just filed my claim. My credit card number was stolen in 2017 and never knew how. I was able to file a claim on 3 hours of phone calls, police reports, and filing out forms. I did not loose money and got everything back. Just a note to others, check your child's name also just in case. Hopefully they will mail out the reimbursement quickly.

  8. Anita Mitchell says:

    I filled it out and it said I was not impacted. That is good, lol

  9. Anita Mitchell says:

    Thank you!

  10. Daniel Comstock says:

    Thanks Jack! Just told everyone I know about this! What do you think the turn around time for payment is? Cheers m8!

  11. John Bender says:

    Boom! Thanks man, I could definitely use it. Just filled it as watched the video & timing is very welcome.

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