How to Freeze Credit Report in 5 Minutes [Easy Online Steps]

The easiest way to freeze your credit report and protect your identity from hackers and for a fraction of the cost of credit monitoring.

More than three million Americans had their credit hacked or reported a complaint relating to their credit report last year. That’s six people every single minute. We live in a digital age and your credit will be hacked eventually.

The only way to truly protect your credit and your identity is to freeze your credit report.

This doesn’t mean putting your credit cards in the freezer. It means going to each of the credit report bureaus and putting a credit freeze on your report. It’s a simple process that takes less than five minutes each but will save you hundreds in credit monitoring and will guarantee your credit.

Credit monitoring services offer some advantages but the only way to absolutely guarantee your safety is to put a credit lock on your report. I’ll show you how to do it fast through each of the three credit bureaus as well as a bonus to credit protection that most people don’t know.

– Why freezing your credit report is the only guaranteed way to protect your identity
– A bonus to credit freeze most people don’t know
– The websites and addresses for each credit bureau to freeze your report
– The process on each website to freeze your credit

Here are the links and phone numbers to freeze your credit report at each of the three credit bureaus.

Remember, you MUST freeze your credit at each of the three bureaus or hackers will still be able to sneak in to one of your reports and steal your identity. I know it sucks that you have to pay for three credit freezes but it’s still way cheaper than paying for credit monitoring every month.

Don’t forget to click through to the debt payoff playlist above and follow the entire series. I may eventually turn this series into a paid course but you can watch it all free right now. I start out by revealing the debt payoff strategies that will work with any budget, even on low income, and finish by showing you how to get a perfect credit score.

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.


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47 Responses

  1. Aman Singh says:

    Is everything still up to date in this video? Site address, phone number and etc..

  2. truth_seeker says:

    Very good video

  3. LisainNewarkNJ says:

    Thank you, friend!

  4. Spanky Fuentes says:

    Semper Fi Marine

  5. LYRA says:

    i have to freeze my credit at all three credit report bureaus?

  6. Chuck D says:

    Can my agency where I work check my credit while is frozen?

  7. Chuck D says:

    Do you have a video in how to unfreeze the 3 credit reports?

  8. yogoi says:

    ncture Freeze also I got nailed with verified

  9. Chuck D says:

    Great Video Sir And Thank You!
    One Question, if I freeze my credit, do I really need Life Lock?

  10. tre g says:

    Thanks is this a monthly fee with all three?

  11. husain MA Ali says:

    thanks . That was helpful

  12. Transformation Geek says:

    Thank you! That was so easy!

  13. Alyssa Beyond Accounting says:

    Thank you, just froze mine! I don't even want to chance someone using my credit and I don't plan on even opening any lines of credit in a while. 🙂 Great video! <3

  14. Sean _ says:

    Can soft inquiry be done on frozen credit report?

  15. IGSTER says:

    You made this so ez thanks!

  16. IGSTER says:

    Thanks I just froze all 3 with no charges at all.

  17. Tech Councelor says:

    Equifax link is not working for me. TransUnion and Experian were free to Freeze.

  18. Simone Kristine says:

    Great information, thank you!

  19. John John says:

    I thought freezing your credit was a free service ?

  20. The Photo Booth Chick says:

    How you freeze your credit?? We are in 4 minutes into the video. Thanks!

  21. Brad Young says:

    I frozen all 3 for free! Highly recommend

  22. Brad Young says:

    Now is a great time to freeze your credit thank you

  23. Itspatricetho says:

    Hey Joseph! I was able to find the entire playlist after all. Great info! I’m focusing on debt consolidation and have a couple questions. Bad credit means my loan will have a high interest rate (the ONLY red flag is utilization due to being in between jobs for 2yrs, but no missed payments)
    Do I have the option to later refinance that loan ?
    Do extra payments to the loan help me in the end?

  24. Clint Hightower says:

    What about Innovis? did you for get about that credit bureau? INNOVIS!!! let people know about Innovis, why is Innovis kept such a secret? hey everyone, go look up INNOVIS as well!

  25. Roland Deschain says:

    Thank you…It's so bizzare that we have so little control over something that can significantly impact our lives like this.

  26. blue03r6 says:

    this is bad advise. do NOT freeze your credit. My credit score has taken a 50 pts hit because I did this. I had a 750 now it's 699 and has stayed there for 2 years.

  27. Fawad Kazi says:

    Thank you for this video

  28. coolastro says:

    Hello I got a fake number from equifax on my computer gave up my last 4 digits of my social plus other information how do I get the fake charges reversed if I see some?

  29. Tarik Rushiti says:

    Do you have to freeze all accounts?

  30. Dolph says:

    Transunion was free 🙂 Working on the other 2

  31. VapeKing says:

    Tranunion website shows you can freeze or lock your credit for free.

  32. Xinless Vice says:

    I just froze my credit systems after the capital one hack. Fortunately I already have credit cards and my last card, a Citi double cash is on its way, so I should be fine. Here's hoping.

  33. Xinless Vice says:

    Can't have a credit report to steal if you have no credit

  34. Tia Williamson says:

    Thank you for this information.

  35. TJ A says:

    Thanks for great info!!

  36. Laurie Anderson says:

    I called the number for the Experian services to freeze my account, but it turned out to be a number for Consumer Information Bureau. I looked up Consumer Information Bureau on the Internet, and several people reported that they were scammed by them. I cannot talk to Experian directly to find out if the Consumer Information Bureau is a legitimate branch of Experian. Not too sure what to think.

  37. draconian45 says:

    Mailbox thieves stole my SSN two weeks ago when I was out of town. State of California sent me a letter with my SSN on it and it was compromised. I'm really pissed because I was building my credit steadily so I could buy a house and now I have to deal with this.

  38. Daniel Kopp says:

    Fantastic work as always Joseph! This is an issue that too many people end up paying for without even knowing the alternatives so good stuff here for everyone.

  39. Who Are U? - Podcast About Life at College says:

    Passed this video onto my mom, she found it helpful!! Thanks Joseph!

  40. Scentsy with MJ R says:

    Awesome video, when I unfreeze my credit how long does it take for creditors to c your credit if applying for a loan

  41. The Military Money Expert says:

    This is great information that can help people with the security of their credit report!

  42. Retire Certain says:

    Great info as always Joseph! Thanks

  43. BJH says:

    you are the man, this was great info. this makes me want to give you a big hug and rub that head of yours (get your mind out of the gutter).

  44. Wealthbuilderz TV says:

    You always give some great tips. These hackers are getting out of hand so this info is definitely needed

  45. The truth between the lines says:

    Thanks for this video and the series in general, Joseph. I really hope you will manage to grow this channel because more people need to hear your message. Keep going!

  46. Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA says:

    If you haven't seen the first video for the credit series, start here – shocking information about what is and isn't on your credit report and how it's affecting you!

  47. JJ Buckner says:

    Excellent video Joseph. I will definitely be looking into this as soon as we get through with building our house and have our mortgage set.

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