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Have you ever wondered, Can I fix my credit in 6 months? I’m on a journey to learn how to fix my credit score in 6 months because later this year I’m buying a new house!! I’m excited to bring you all along with me as we navigate the financial world and learn some hot tips and secrets along the way. Stick with me kid, as we rebuild my credit in 6 months

I am REALLY excited to work with Credit Right to help fix my bad credit, and share the credit repair experience with all of you!

Credit Right – (305) 394 – 6801
Humberto Garay, President

instagram – @credit_right

I was advised to open up 3 new lines of credit in order to help positively rebuild my credit while Credit Right is working to fix my credit score of any negative marks. I explain this in more detail in the vid and will be diving into it again in a future video in this series! The following are the accounts I opened:

The installment secured loan that I applied for (mentioned in vid):

The secured cards I applied for (also mentioned):

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how to get negative marks off credit

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  1. Rana Abdul says:

    so beautiful

  2. Butter Pecan Rican says:

    Both my husband and I each took out debt consolidation loans which paid off ALL our credit cards, loans, and Care Credit bills, and now I have one monthly payment. My credit shot up to 763 and we close on our first house June 1st.
    I tried Ramsey's snowball technique and while I did pay off 2 credit cards that way, it was taking a long time. Debt consolidation loans are where it's at. One monthly payment and your credit utilization rate DROPS.
    Also, much respect on being so open. I wish you the best of luck! You deserve all the good things Rocio. <3

  3. Antonio Aguilar says:

    Siguiendo el consejo de "o la bebes o la riegas" hay cosas de las que no puedo opinar, siempre he vivido al contado, así que cuéntanos cómo te fue, siempre estoy dispuesto a aprender. Good luck! P. D. También tuve que ver el vídeo dos veces, porque la primera vez traía puesto el babero lol.

  4. Matthew and Jayden Cevallos says:

    I cannot believe I found your channel Ms Marcaida I really miss you well hello

  5. elizabeth reyes says:

    Love this very helpful

  6. Asheki Harris says:

    This video was great… thanks for the info

  7. Brad Downes says:

    I had to watch your video twice. I had known idea what you were talking about the first time!

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