How to Fix my Bad Credit Score NOW!!! 200+ POINT INCREASE

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Increase your credit scores now!!! If you want to stop getting denied for credit and get access to things you and your family need this is the video for you. This video gives a complete breakdown of the Do’s and Don’ts of credit repair, how to challenge/dispute inquiries, charge-offs, collections, public records (bankruptcy), repossessions, student loans, late payments, and the credit building process.

This video is short, sweet, and to the point and filled with information.

We also cover why accounts are reinserted on your credit profile and how to stop that from occurring, how to handle collection letters and calls, as well as what you should do before disputing any account. Hint: It’s something that people miss because they fail to understand the importance of doing it and when to do it.

Get a copy of your 3B Credit Reports Here:

The Personal Identifier Correction Request will help you to correct any information reporting in the personal section of your credit reports. Use this letter as suggested in the video.

Personal Identifier Correction Request

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how to fix negative marks on credit report

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