How to Fix Laptop BEEPING on startup Problem – Which Stuck at Booting Black Screen :)

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Laptop beeping on startup & Stuck at Booting Screen, In this video you will learn how to fix this problem. So many people having this problem , laptop starts with continuous beep beep sound and stuck at a blank screen. During this process user shuts down the laptop forcefully, then in next start laptop turns on and beeps again with Hard Drive checksum error. This is because of the improper shut down of the laptop. Then the user confuse and thinking this is a Hard drive problem or operating system error.

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But the truth is different , actually beep sound in laptop indicates that something is wrong in device. The sound comes in patterns of counts, laptop beeps twice at startup (Means Parity circuit failure) , 10 beep (Means Cmos battery error) and laptop continuous beeping on startup (Means something short in the laptop). So you have to unplug the devices connected to the laptop’s motherboard one by one, Such as Keyboard , DVD Drive , Hard Drive etc. But generally in the ratio to this type of problem 8/10 laptop have shorting keyboard.

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In this video i am testing my theory of shorting keyboard in Lenovo G475 , you will learn how to unplug the keyboard from laptop by the right way with out making any harm to your hardware. Watch this High Quality Video and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in comments. Thank you for watching my video , Subscribe my Channel for more Updates.

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  1. Yasa sri Yallarawa says:

    Thanks man

  2. eli Gadz says:

    I have the same problem however, when I unplug the keyboard, screen still black though the beep was gone. Haist.

  3. Omar Faruq says:

    Great brother from Bangladesh…

  4. Rishabh 77 says:

    bro this problem occured with me when i got the motherbpard repaired. what should i do pls help

  5. Nourin says:

    Same problem facing

  6. Riyaj Hossen says:

    It’s a great video! Thank you so much! Take love ❀️❀️

  7. rockstar Jackson Jr150 says:

    hy thanks for this video

  8. Rachel Kunter says:


  9. Alina Grigorieva says:

    Cool lenovo Laptop

  10. ramil poudel says:

    Thank you bro. I solved this annoying long beep problem in just 5 minutes, only because of your video. Many thanks.

  11. Abdulhakim Roshan says:

    thanx it really fixed thanks a lot

  12. Ashar says:

    Windows starting ya koi video song play karta hun tabh jhig jhig ke aawaz aata hain

  13. Ashar says:

    Sir mere pc main beep ka nahi jhig jhig ka aawaz aata hain q sir reply plz

  14. ItsJamesYT2195 says:

    Thanks so much

  15. Shan Wickramasinghe says:

    Thank you

  16. Locally_Liaaa says:

    I’m scared if my dad knows he’s gonna yell at me :<

  17. SJ Drummer says:

    For me, when I open two apps the beeping sound starts

  18. Masked Redstoner Pro Z says:

    Mine makes the sound but doesn't get stuck

  19. Oliveira Luis says:

    keep watching… …tofixitthoute!

  20. Jenny Lincoln says:

    I have had this problem several times with my 11-year-old secondhand Acer Aspire laptop. I really hate the sound, and find it embarrassing when using the machine in a public place, as I normally do, like the university or the mall. However, in my case, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the keyboard. It has to do mainly with the arrangement of the very long charger cord. If the charger cord (which has two sections, one of which plugs into the laptop and the other into the electrical outlet) is too tightly wrapped around the machine or has too many kinks, then that's when it makes the sound. So I just turn off the power button, rearrange the cord more carefully, and usually when I turn the machine on again, it no longer makes the sound. Sometimes have to try 2 times. (I normally use my laptop with a big, desktop-size external gaming keyboard, although sometimes this keyboard stops working when the Internet connection is too slow or too many items are open on the machine, but normally both keyboards work fine.) By the way, the battery on my laptop DOES NOT WORK AT ALL – has been this way since I got it from the original owner. The moment I unplug the machine, it shuts down!

  21. Im_Quartz says:

    I can't remove my keyboard, it's engraved in the laptop, what the hell do I do now

  22. Things from a different angle says:

    Wow bro. Love u

  23. Avinash Tiwari says:

    my lenovo laptop beeping continuously

  24. Saibu Azaman says:

    I had changed new keyboard but still making sounds!

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