How to Fix BAD Credit…FAST!

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Having BAD Credit can seriously affect buying a home, car, boat or other purchases that require a loan and further, a pulling of credit. In this video I list the things that have great power over your credit score, and of course how to fix these to get results ASAP and ultimately improve your credit score.

I’ve linked some sites below that will help you fix bad credit.

Free Credit Report Sites

Biggest Mistakes When Buying a Home

If you want to learn how to repair your credit fast YOU should follow these credit score tips.

In need of a credit card to fix bad credit? I highly recommend using the
Discover it® Secured Credit Card. This card is top-rated in terms of bad credit cards for people with low scores who intend to repair their credit.

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WHY Does Credit Matter So Much?
– Credit is the single most important part to obtaining Large-Ticket Items Ex: Home, Car, Boat, Office Building. (Unless of course you can pay cash for all large purchases)
– Lenders pull your credit to ensure that they are loaning money to someone that can pay it off.
– So if you have BAD credit or no CREDIT odds are you will be denied a loan.

– AVOID CREDIT SWEEPS!!!!!! (Expert Credit Sweeps)
– Credit Sweeps are illegitimate and in most areas ILLEGAL.
– Place a FRAUD ALERT on your Credit Reports
– CLOSE Accounts that have been affected.
– Dispute any fradulent charges with the Credit Bureaus
See credit repair cloud

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how to fix negative marks on credit report

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