How to find out if your student loan debt is being canceled by Navient

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Navient will cancel more than $1 billion in student loan debt through a settlement with states’ attorneys general. Here’s how to find out if your debt is one of them

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how to dispute debts on credit report

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19 Responses

  1. Dnini says:

    I'll believe it once it's off my credit

  2. Lisa Eleanor says:

    I was in default with another company and my account. Was Sold to Navient do I qualif

  3. 702Tech says:

    I'm trying to figure out who at all qualifies for this. That I know of, Navient shifted everyone to Aidvantage (or something). So for we qualify too??

  4. Alyse H says:

    Yeah only for private loans and not federal they conveniently gave them to "another company".

  5. contact @Guaranteetrustfunds on telegram says:

    Successful transaction from this man

  6. contact @Guaranteetrustfunds on telegram says:

    Your dedication☝ and had work shows how legit and professional you are honestly i will always recommend you for the successfully fund

  7. contact @Guaranteetrustfunds on telegram says:

    I dunno… I was one of those people that didn’t care about a credit score, didn’t get any education about how important your credit score is, and I racked up debt like an idiot. I worked really hard and educated myself and I’ve brought my credit score from 480 to 732 and I’m still going up with him . I feel like the government blaming credit reporting companies instead of the lack of financial education in their own public education system is foolish.

  8. contact @Guaranteetrustfunds on telegram says:

    I stumbled across your video and instantly knew this was made for me. I'm going through the same thing with my business but just knowing that I'm not the only one who's experienced this just pushes me to go harder. Continue to put out informational content and sharing your story, THAT is what separates you from the rest. Much gratitude Monique and he was so helpful during the process of boosting my credit

  9. contact @Guaranteetrustfunds on telegram says:

    I think you literally just saved my life Tom, I’ve been struggling to find a way out. I’m currently an N.A waiting to get certified because of covid and stuff but I support myself and my grandma. I don’t have anyone to turn to for help, I’ve been trying to save but I can’t because of bills and renting my apartment and everything. But this, literally helped me look to a brighter future. My grandma is crippled so she cannot do work or anything. Most people have parents to turn to but I don’t talk to my mom or dad. This literally helped me so much because since i met him the real issue i have about debt was solve in some weeks am sure before Feb of my birthday i will be home owner.

  10. contact telegram @Kelvin Mason says:

    Thank to a friend that introduced me to him i'm happy for all you've done for my family and my kids school bills this help really went a long way.

  11. Antonio Wilson says:

    F&$% Navient

  12. WhoYaWit says:

    What about Ivy Tech?!

  13. Wisdom SP says:

    Navient conveniently convinced me to refinance my original loan years ago. I can only assume that this would take me off the eligibility list.

  14. Nicholas Cordero says:

    Navient just told my loan to another company so how does that work.

  15. daniel collins says:

    So for those of us that did the right thing and paid off our debt, we get nothing. Liberal America at its best

  16. Be Helpful Not Hurtful says:

    Student Loan forgiveness should be for all but can we at least start by forgiving Corinthian, Everest "College" loans since they used widespread fraud? This should require no debate, they committed fraud, we shouldn't have to pay. They not only lied to us saying our degrees were transferable but they showed me a piece of paper with a long list of colleges that would accept their degrees, that was a premeditated lie! They also manipulated us into forbearance. My $4000 bill is now over $26,000, they've taken more than $4000 of my taxes! Many other things they lied about and used their government accreditation to support belief in their scam.


    No body but people on the street with no income or real property will win what a joke

  18. King K says:

    They switched my student loan from Navient to another company

  19. Alexis says:

    I am not in default, but everything else applies to me. Do i qualify?

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