How to Dramatically Increase Your Credit Score in 2021

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How to increase your credit score in 2021.
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0:29 Why Does Credit Matter?
1:56 What Is Credit Score?
2:49 30-Day Credit Challenge
4:21 Why Credit Mix Is A Trap
5:13 Low Impact Factors
7:11 Medium Impact Factors
8:10 High Impact Factors



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how to dispute a collection on your credit report

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18 Responses

  1. Official Ja-luv says:

    Inquiries in the long run doesnt matter how many points. Companies will deny you for inquiries alone. So it still hurts.

  2. Official Ja-luv says:

    So which one is it really? Do they wany to earn interest on us or want us to pay our balances off?

  3. Royal King says:

    How do I get my picture date ?

  4. Royal King says:

    But how does the card utilization actually work tho I have a limit of $1000 how much can I actually use on that card if i go over how much would it calculate too I know it’s somewhere around 300 where I should use and do I need to pay more if I spend more than my limit ?

  5. Dennis Demers says:

    My question is this, if I have 4 credit cards with a total credit line of 6,000 dollars and have a balance of 3,000, should I try to get a 5th card with a higher credit limit and pay off the other 4 cards? And, if so, can I keep the other 4 cards with a zero balance only using them for purchases that I can pay off each month, and pay the 5th card with 10% above the minimum balance each month?

  6. JaviGoneWild says:

    Awesome vid. Subbed. How do I find out when is picture day tho? I have no idea when they are going to check the balance of my cards. I usually just pay everything by the due date …

  7. Base6 says:

    I heard from someone that the statement day come before the due day
    my statement day is on the 7th and my due day is on the 2nd and my score is 735

  8. Philly Scorpio says:

    Hey this was a very informative video!!!
    My score is literally hovering at 600 …I have 5 credit cards… the highest balance is $2,000
    I’m almost at my limit on each card.. I used them for booking trips smh. Now life is in the way & I’m trying to pay them down but can only make the minimum payments smh. Sounds like, if I pay down each card tho…My score will boost up because I’d then lowered my credit utilization??? Correct?
    Also, I get overwhelmed because I have 5 cards and every month just throw $50-$75 on it but end up going back to 1 or 2 of them for gas and store runs, stuff like that.
    I pretty much represent most people in this situation, so if you can give me some tips on how to pay down each card? That would be great!
    I thought about just taking all those $50’s and just put it all on 1 card but then, my credit history will take a hit if I miss a payment. Ughhh see my

  9. TwstedTV says:

    It is against federal laws for any real estate, broker or agent to request credit report to rent an apartment.
    The department of Human Right Agency also says this…. please reach out to them to confirm. The reason why its against the law is because,
    low income communities do not have a high paying income and do not have the ability to obtain credit. Human Rights Agency considers this "discrimination"
    Hence why its against federal laws for any landlord, real estate broker or agent to demand a credit report for an apartment of any kind. Just FYI, know your laws.

  10. Philip McClendon says:

    What credit cards are available to build my under age kids credit? All my current cards will not report to the bureaus until they are 18 if they are an authorized user.

  11. Jamar Moore says:

    “Some branches” lol

  12. Martin says:

    I generally don’t worry about my credit score in regards to utilization (as long as I can pay in full every month) unless I know I’m going to finance something like a car in the near future. In those cases I try to keep it around 3% which I do by spreading across cards I don’t normally use or by paying it off prior to the “snap shot”. Usually the latter.

    There however is no better or quicker way of increasing your score than piggybacking if that person has excellent credit. Especially when u are young. Of course this could be a problem for some young people when they apply for a card and are given a 20k limit when in reality it should have been more like 5k.

    Totally agree about credit mix. That’s kind of one of those categories that it is what is.

  13. Uncle Rat says:

    People should understand that the credit score is misnamed. It is the debt score, or how much more debt you can carry. It isn't about how well you pay off your debt. In fact, if you have no debt, your credit score is likely to be so low you will not get even an average rate on a loan. The history of credit scores is short and to the point. It is about being seen as a good debtor, not a good payer.

  14. The Logan 5858 says:

    I work with people and their credit history every day, and almost NEVER see a score over 650.

  15. Monica Molina says:

    This was so helpful. I loved this breakdown. Thank you fir your video.

  16. Tayyab Kolby says:


  17. موكا says:

    Very true

  18. Dustin Stratton says:

    Always try to catch all your videos and have been trying to follow your tips. For some reason I've been stuck in the low to mid 600s for what seems forever

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