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24 Responses

  1. John Garcia says:

    I opted in several months ago on both prescreen websites and have allowed all pop ups on multiple browsers but I still can't get the shopping cart trick to work for me on this website or any others. I get no pop up credit card offers.

  2. Greg Scott says:

    @Rickita what is the minimum credit score that you should have before doing this strategy?

  3. michal nocon says:

    ok. IT WORKED!!! 1500. i need this cause my AMEX took by credit down by $5000 and it messed me up

  4. Gio Renaud says:

    Got approval using phone.

  5. Carmen Lewis says:

    I just joined ya credit membership 2 week ago

  6. Jason Bowen says:

    What other site did this work on?

  7. Qam Yasharala says:

    My credit is frozen can I still try this ?

  8. T Hall says:

    it worked, thankyou so much

  9. D Barrientos says:

    Discipline could never work for me either with bad credit I don’t know what I’m doing wrong maybe I had to clear my cookies don’t know

  10. D Barrientos says:

    Do I had to be incognito on Google chrome

  11. Travis Feisthamel says:

    Told me I got preapproved for $1500 but when I accepted it says its under review and will notify me in 10 days. This usually means I didn''t get approved.

  12. Fredo B says:

    Used chrome and was approved for 2500.00

  13. Jusbnbosslady says:

    Monroe and Main is bomb for no credit check.

  14. Antonio Vazquez says:

    Hello. Which credit bureau does this card pull from. Once I accept is it a hard pull. Keep up the great work. You got my attention.

  15. 2remaynS Porter says:

    Yep it worked

  16. Sophia Morris says:

    Did not work for me

  17. Tdot47 T says:

    Was just approved for $3000 with the shipping cart trick but didn’t accept

  18. Kyle Boyd says:

    Do you have to be on Incognito mode while on the website?

  19. Kool Breeze says:

    It was very easy. I got the pop-up for $3500. I didn't accept I have enough store cards. Plus they only ask for the last 4 of your social.

  20. Darryl Grace says:

    How well that this work with cell phone ?(shopping cart trick)?

  21. Rickita Realtor & Credit Repair Expert says:

    Click Here and I Will Try the Shopping Cart Trick For You:

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  22. Rickita Realtor & Credit Repair Expert says:

    Hey Beautiful People! Have a hard time getting approved? Sign up for my Exclusive Credit Membership.

  23. Trina Walker says:

    Good morning, I want to know does this work in at home Depot?.

  24. L Walker says:

    Hi Rikita! I quit. Can't get the trick to work.

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