How to Dispute When Credit Bureaus Verify as Accurate

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Today we’re talking about how to dispute after round 1 when the credit bureaus verify your dispute as accurate. We’re going over the strategy dispute funnel so that you can get “unstuck” and know what to say or what tactics to try next to remove late payments, collections, charge-offs, public records (like bankruptcy) and inquiries.


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Video notes:
If you have collections
foreclosures, repossessions, late payments, public records
And inquiries then this is video that you want to watch
because we are going to get you unstuck so that you know, how to
dispute past round one, because everybody knows how to write
round one, right? But what happens, when the bureau’s come
back and say it’s verified. What are you going to do after that?
Well, let’s start with how to analyze your credit report. So
that, you know what, you can say on that next round. Now, we are
starting with Collections and in between each of these disputes,
you’re going to Wait 30 days. Okay. So on the left over here
starting with unknown that’s bureau’s going down and then
right next to it where it says VOD one that is going to be the
collector disputes going down. All right. So on run with the
bureau’s you can say this collection is unknown. And
again, we’re talking about third-party. So this is like
medical utility stuff like that car insurance, whatever. Okay,
and sometimes it may also be Apartments. So for the bureau’s
you’re going to tell them, hey, this is unknown, put the burden
of proof on them. That is their job. It is not your job to
do their job for them. Okay. For the collectors, you can use
validation of debt round one. Alright. Now, the next is be
with the bureau’s collectors. See any collector, didn’t
validate for the collectors going to be validation of debt
round two, then you can go over to method of verification on the
bureau side. And when I say method of verification, you’re
not sending a method of verification template letter.
No, no. No, you are. In that very first paragraph asking
them. How the heck did they validate this debt? Because if
they had, they would have the documentation to furnish to you.
And then this wouldn’t have been a problem. If you have the
documentation, I wouldn’t be asking this, right? So
collector, validation of debt round 3. Now, you’re going into
factual if it is still on there. Now, you’re going factual late
payments past, you date last active date last paid so on and
so forth, right? Those are two totally different rounds. And
then, of course, we have validation of debt for for The Collector
and this goes into the cfpb. So you’re going to land on cfpb,
after you have exhausted your remedies for factual-based
disputes right now. Let me just put a note there because I’m
seeing so many people jumping over to the cfpb. When they
haven’t exhausted your remedies. Nobody is going to take you
Seriously. If you haven’t done your job, first, your job is to
dispute everything disputable on your credit report before
you ever bother them. Okay, unless you’re going to go
directly over into suing because you have this huge violation or
whatever. They’re not going to pay attention to you. If you
want them to pay attention to you. If you want to get this off
your credit report permanently before you go to the cfpb, make
sure that you have all your rounds of disputes all of your
responses or lack thereof. All of the letters that you’ve sent
out all the violation logs and everything that you need to
prove your case. Now, going back to this. Let’s jump over to
charge off. So charge offs are extremely difficult to remove
whoever says that they’re easy is just trying to get you to sign
up and buy something. Okay, they’re not being real. All
right, if this were simple and easy than the conversation would
be how much you trying to remove from your credit report and what
you’re trying to get because they want a percentage of it on
the back end. Like I don’t know ten thousand dollars to remove
50,000 or 15,000 20,000 to remove 50,000. Guess what people
would pay that all day.

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  2. Living The Slot Life says:

    So what exactly do you do after the CRA comes back and says "updated? When they obviously provide no details on how it was validated? Can you ask the CRA to furnish proof or remove?

  3. James Shaw says:

    How much do you charge for your credit service

  4. James Shaw says:

    How much do you charge for your service

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