How to Dispute Negative Accounts on a Credit Report | How to Dispute Errors

Today we’re going over the dispute reasons map to understand how to use them to remove any negative item from a credit report by understanding what they do in relation to an account. We do this by understanding how to dispute ewrrors on a credit report. You can find the full map at or you can schedule your call today for a credit sweep at and I will see if I can help.

Why is this important?
The key to removing collections, charge-offs, repossessions, debt buyer collections, late payments, public records, etc. is the dispute REASON, not the letter. If you don’t know how to write a dispute reason or why it’s important, you won’t be able to leverage it to get results and the accounts will remain unchanged on your credit report.

What’s the difference between factual disputes and templates?
Letters such as 609 or 1681 disputes have nothing to do with the actual negative item being disputed and do not identify the reason it needs to be removed. Because of this, it’s not likely to result in a deletion or correction unless it occurs by accident. With factual disputes, you are targeting the inaccuracies and violations reported and this is used the same as presenting evidence in court.


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  1. Nidia Aracena says:

    Exelent video im interested on taking the class..

  2. Nidia Aracena says:

    Can they report (collection agency) report late payments on collection accounts?

  3. James Rice says:

    so i have a charge off/ closed account that was closed/ charged off in jan 2020, every month since then says CO on ex and eq, tu shows nothing after this date. equifax also shows i made a payment apr 2020 which is not accurate as i have not made any payments since jul 2019. how would i go about disputing this if this is disputable/removable?

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