How to Dispute Each Negative Account on a Credit Report

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Today I’m going to show you how to dispute each negative account on a credit report and the specific dispute reasons to use on a each account’s dispute round with the credit bureaus. Note that this is for credit bureau disputes using the factual based method for credit sweeps. If you would like to check this out yourself for free, you can access it in the Subscriber’s Hub at along with a ton of other free content. You can also schedule a call with me for a credit sweep at


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I’ll show you specifically how
to remove negative items from your credit report. And I’m
talking about everything from collections to charge-offs,
repossessions to foreclosures anything that is on your credit
report that you need to get removed. We’re going to look at
that right now. Okay, so I’m going to make this a little bit
bigger and we’re going to go start with collections.
Alright, so the very first thing that you can say is this account
is unknown. Why would you do that? Well, Well, let me explain
it to you. You want to place the burden of proof on the bureau’s
in the collectors? And you don’t want to say well I know what
this collection is. No you want to say, I don’t know what this
is. Give me the proof giving my signature give me something that
verifies this account. So remove for unknown collection and this
is going to be for third-party collection. This is going to be
for your medical accounts. This is going to be for your utility
accounts Apartments. So on and so forth. Do not use this for
for a Portfolio Recovery Midland. So on. And so forth, you understand
and know the difference, at least I’m assuming that you do
between a debt buyer in a third-party collection. Okay.
Now, your next round can say, how did you verify this? Okay. I
notified you that this account is unknown. How did you verify
this without documentation? Because if you have the
documentation, you would have given it to me. Right now. You
can go method of collection verification. What was the
method of your verification, right? Very straightforward
proof of collection, validation. That would be the next. Next
one, furnish immediately, the signed contract or remove this
account. So, as you can see, these are very straightforward,
but these are the dispute reasons and the way that you can
progress. That’s why it’s called dispute progression. From one
thing to another know. If you don’t have collections, if you
have late payments of bankruptcies, whatever, stay
here with me, we are going to get to that. Okay. Now you can
say that the collector did not verify right, The Collector did
not validate. They did not send anything because if they had you
would have furnished. Documentation again, then
possibly you could use section 609 and if it doesn’t come off
by then now you need to go factual. What is factual? Well,
that’s a great question. You can use the information directly
from your credit report, the date, the balances, so on and so
forth to remove the negative item, right? So in the event of
a collection, you can go after DEET last active. Now, let’s
move over to charge offs and I’m going to sorry that my hand just
went in front of here. We’re going to do charge off so Date
of last activity, you need to move this account because
there’s three different dates under the date. Last active,
remove immediately. Your next round is, how is this account
accurate when the date of last activity shows three different
dates and I believe that was supposed to be date of less
payment. Okay, because we start with normally of the top of the
pyramid where to start with that date less active and then go to
D less pain. Now, you can go method of verification. Now,
your reason is not going to be the method of verification. Your
letter is going to State method of verifications and then
your actual reason is going to be factual. Now your next one
proof of validation. You can possibly use this, but you’re
going to use this in your actual paragraph. And then in the
dispute reason, you’re going to use factual. So failure to enter
the required, notice a dispute, you know, different Deeds,
different balances, the payment history, keep going over and
over and over, right? That’s the way that we do this. So when
you’re seeing something that proof of validation, when you’re
seeing method of verification, that is not the reason that goes
in. In your couple of sentences at the top of your letter.

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  1. Mike lafleur says:

    Do u work in Texas also

  2. Michael M says:

    Great thanks! I'm a little confused, though. I have many "collection" accounts on my credit report, all from debt buyers. You said not to use the information you gave on collections with debt buyers. So then, what should we use instead? Thanks so much! Appreciate you!

  3. Steve Borggreen says:

    Hello Kristen, how are you doing today? I have a question and here it is. I have a collection account by a communication/tv/cable provider called Dish Network. My account went to collections where Dish Networrk hired this one company but I fought with the bureaus and had it deleted. This was like 4 months ago but now another collection company has it. With this new company I sent a VOD letter in July and by August 30 it was at like 35 days and no notice of dispute. The collection company placed the notice of dispute on the account on Sept 5 but I have a copy of my Sept 2021 Identity Iq report showing it is not there. Now my question is the date of last activity is August 2021 do I go by that date or the date of the last collections company if I can, to use re-aging? What I mean does collections start by the first owner and remain or is it a new starting date when a new collection company takes over? Thank you for your help and no the account hasn't been removed.

  4. Tommy E8 says:

    I have a somewhat different s situation. Can I contact you directly ?

  5. Rob Perry says:

    I'd love to have this sheet, how can I obtain this? Thanks for your help, I've removed several items because of you!

  6. TheKhaos85 says:

    Do you have a video on disputing charge offs that only report to one bureau. (Acima Credit)

  7. TheKhaos85 says:

    The Best!

  8. Bridell Gibson says:

    NFCU and USAA have reported a CO every month for almost 5 yrs on my credit report, all 3 bureaus

  9. Making It Make Sense says:

    I have a unique situation. What do I use if the original creditor sent me proof of the debt being on my credit was a mistake on their end. It was on both my equifax and transunion. The collection was removed off of my transunion but not my equifax. What letter do I send to the bureau? Thank you in advance

  10. Yeqezqel Yisrael says:

    @kristin Did you put the link to the chart in the description?

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