How to Dispute Credit Bureau Frivolous and Verified Responses

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Today we’re talking about how to dispute and write the credit bureaus when they respond with “frivolous” or “verified as accurate”. This tactic is called the “Repeat Offense Tactic” and ther are a few different ways to deal with it. If you are using factual based disputes, your dispute should NOT come back as frivolous, but of course, they do. There IS a way to prove this and to get your negative items deleted, and this is yet another follow-up tactic for credit bureaus and creditors that is designed to catch them in document violations. This tactic is based on a section 623, which states that repeat disputes can be flagged as frivolous by the creditor if the person (creditor) has already performed their duty and obviously this means that they have already done a reasonable investigation.


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Video notes:
So we are now talking about the repeat
offense tactic. So I know a lot of you are dealing with your
disputes coming back as frivolous and there’s a couple
different ways to deal with it. So now if you are using factual
base disputes, your dispute should not come back as
frivolous. But of course, they do. And they do because the
bureau’s and the creditors are not freaking doing their job.
And there’s a way to actually prove this and to get your
negative items deleted. So, repeat, offensive tactic. Okay.
So this is yet another follow-up tactic for credit bureaus and
creditors that it’s designed to catch in document violations
that I’ve scary. And if you want to know what violations of fcra
and fdcpa are, I do have the mini series, you can go back and
look at my playlist. So, okay. So this tactic is based on a
series 623, which states that repeat disputes can be flagged.
As frivolous be the Creditor, if the person, meaning, the
Creditor, Has already performed the person’s Duty. So this
assumes that they’ve already done a reasonable investigation
that they’ve already done their job. So, in other words, the
only way repeated to it can be applied as frivolous as if they
actually fulfilled your duty the first time. Okay. So we’re
looking at fcra 623. That’s right here. That’s the first
highlighted section. Then, the actual yellow highlight is what
we’re looking at right now. Okay. So the repeat offense,
tactic is based on the following. Three points. And you
can look at my notes over here on the right. Where it says, you
know, we all know that there’s never an investigation and
your disputes can be flagged flagged as frivolous for many
reasons, including templates, me and my templates templates and
disputing the same reason or that you dispute letter was too
much like the last. Okay. So the three points your disputes, you
sent to the bureau’s where indeed factual, okay? Over on
the Right facts. Well, needs at this is based off the
information reporting on your credit report. The directly
shows its inaccurate or incomplete or unverifiable
information. And also means that you may be actually having some
documentation to go with it to prove. So I know a lot of you
don’t have documentation and you know, if you’re a business you
probably don’t have documentation from your clients.
So factual basis, boots were only looking at the information
directly from the credit report that you are using in your
disputes, okay? So an example would be that the high balance
across all three bureaus is not consistent. And then you put the
amounts right directly from the credit report. So that would be
TransUnion reports as 500. Experian report, zero Equifax
reports, 1500. Obviously, those are three different numbers.
It’s inaccurate and it needs to be removed. Documentation could
possibly be the page from the credit report?

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how to file a dispute with all three credit bureaus

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2 Responses

  1. Kathy Houston says:

    I had 5 factual disputes and provided documentation and all came back “verified “. This credit repair is so hard

  2. Tommy E8 says:

    Do you have time for a few quick questions as I’m trying DIY ?
    I got a letter back from Transunion stating that “unless you have additional relevant info that supports the change you are requesting, we are not required to reinvestigate the same items again at this time”. Please help

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