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In today’s video, I will show you How To DELETE CHARGE OFFS & LATE PAYMENTS like A PRO!
In fact, everything that I’m about to share with you in this video is exactly what we do in the credit repair industry. I teach DoForSelf! This means you learn the skills to do it 100% by yourself!!

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With that said, here’s what you learn in today’s video.

First, I’ll explain why late Payments are illegal and against the law, Then I will Explain That Charge offs are also illegal and against the law. I will also prove it and show you the law that validates my statement. Once you guys grasp the concept of the ConsumerLaws and how to read and comprehend the language, you can get anything DELETED from your CREDIT REPORTS, this is what I teach in my MENTORSHIP.

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how to dispute late payments on credit report

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24 Responses

  1. Kimberly Williams says:

    How can I get rid of student loans

  2. ARYA JOHNSONS says:

    A tradeline means that you are a authorized user of someone else's credit card. You don't have to have possession of the card, but their credit history will reflect on your credit report…a parent or family member with EXCELLENT credit can be a "tradeline" I graduated college with 97,000 in debt"…that right there is a Huge problem..schools have become a business that drain students of money and yet, no one is stepping in to help the students who then graduate with massive debt and have difficulty paying it off…Having that much debt can be overwhelming for ANYONE…Especially a young 20 something who hasn't even began their career. But i really thank you for this video because i found Leo and within few weeks they fixed my Credit score which is hindrance by student loan and added a large tradeline thanks a lot on google

  3. BlackMa3ter says:

    An Abhorrent financial assessment has additionally cost me in additional lease cost (an additional store ) , extra in mobile phone bills ,protection and stores for bills I’ve at long last gotten my score up to 815 with the assistance of a competent group. Lamentably, those late missed installments have truly harmed me ,visas weren’t my concern …… It’s all understudy advances and others However, cleared everything

  4. Stephen Gyllenhaal says:

    That invisible credit problem was what I ran into when I tried to buy my first car. Partner that with a parent with zero financial knowledge (who had to co-sign the loan so I could get the car) and I walked away with the worst ever in history interest rate on a junk car from some sketchy dealership. I basically bought 1 1/2 cars buy the time I paid off the car, I was in the dumps via credit, owed $44k in card debts and 97k in student loans and really couldn’t afford anymore Tried Lexington law a while back and that was just a mistake My cousin referred me to UNIVERSALCREDITSOLUTIONS.TECH I’m intrigued by their honesty and service

  5. Gentle meek says:

    He was a very courteous individual since I was with him, He transferred new tradelines into the database of every one of the 3 Credit Agency and assist me with expelling all injurious, Criminal record and late installment at that point help my FICO rating. He guaranteed me a superior activity and he never fizzled me,He was additionally ready to assist me with taking care of my Pursuit Visa Obligations with Naval force Government Mastercard Obligations Along as well. I'm so intrigued with his extraordinary activity since he did it so flawless with no follow and this was so changeless on my report. Reach out UNIVERSALCREDITSOLUTIONS.TECH utilizing any web search motor e.ggoogle

  6. maxwell rhodes says:

    whether you like it or not the truth remains that we all want a good credit score, the merits of having a good credit score cannot be overemphasized, that said I would like to inform you that there is a credit repair company that can get your credit fixed in 30 days. Sounds impossible right? Yea, it is because I thought so too. I had a medical condition which put me through a lot, things were not working out, it cost me a lot, let me spare you the tale of my woes and give you the good news I had a credit score of 540 as at last year before a friend told me about UNIVERSALCREDITSOLUTIONS.TECH

  7. Darren Westleigh says:

    Ido t u derstand why people charge hundreds of dollars for FREE LITERATURE!!! letter templates do not work. Do your due diligence, the I formation is FREE. This only gives MORE DEBT and DEBT is what your trying to remove.!!! If you really wanted to help people as you claim, there shouldn't be a $750 or more price tag!!! Getting views gets you paid why take advantage of people stuck in the system, that's predatory manipulation for capital gains!!!

  8. Lacey White says:

    It says “ unless 1637b of this title …..” specifications are following. Aka the statement notice mailed 21 days prior , etc.

    Seems that is usually followed which would make this null?

  9. Damian Mcknight says:

    Does this work for Late payments to student loans?

  10. Tonie Banks says:

    Is 1099c filed for any charge off, no matter the amount? All my chargeoffs are under $600

  11. Tayyab Kolby says:

    Thank you

  12. Tayyab Kolby says:


  13. yvonne brown says:

    hello good day what about a charge off thats under $600. what law section would i be using please? or just do a factual dispute since its under $600

  14. PJ Solar Cleaning & Bird Proofing says:

    Let’s go

  15. King_Cardo says:

    Remember you was saying this on the live today with Sheda3

  16. DM HYPERTECH22 On Instagram says:

    ☝Mine was successful through above name he is a pro ☝

  17. DM HYPERTECH22 On Instagram says:

    ☝Mine was successful through above name he is a pro ☝

  18. Prim Proper says:

    What about auto. How do this apply to auto late payments?

  19. Alford Elliott says:

    What if the account is not charged off but closed with derogatory marks how Do you remove closed derogatory accounts

  20. Michelle Scales says:

    Deraine Deraine I need to hit your next life because I got a ????

  21. Jessi Wilder says:

    What do you do if it’s not 600 or if you paid it because you knew nothing about credit and so you owe nothing but they are still reporting it as a c/o

  22. navvet2000 says:

    So chargeoff law being stated as income automatically make collections illegal as well???

  23. navvet2000 says:

    Would you suggest that we freeze the secondary reporting agencies. ie : Sagestream, etc. ???? Before sending letters

  24. Romey says:

    First, the resulting debt from the draw down of credit from your original security is OWED/GUARANTEED to YOU as a ZERO BALANCE! Not ABC's 300.00 LLC. My only wish is that folks knew how to read and comprehended what it is they're reading. ALL so-called CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES are THIRD-PARTIES and PUBLISH for sale INFORMATION furnished by other THIRD-PARTIES…..HOW and WHY? Here's the question you should be asking; Where's your written delegated authority to communicate WITH my CONSUMER? If they don't have it, which they 1000% DO NOT!, then INVOICE their asses for every ACCOUNT …….I'll leave it there for now because I know folks want a package…….lol

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