How to DELETE ANYTHING OFF YOUR CONSUMER REPORTS (Credit Reports) with Marvin and Daraine full

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In this video Mr. Marvin Francois and I sat down to discuss consumer laws and how you can use it to DELETE ANYTHING from your CREDIT REPORT! If you find value in this interview please do not forget to LIKE, COMMENT,
Interview Chapters:

0:00 Intro
02:15 Who is Daraine Delevante?
05:17 Why good credit is so important
07:35 What is Consumer Law?
12:50 How to get paid for repossessions
18:11 Late payments are illegal; how to DELETE them?
24:08 How to get remove collections and get paid?
28:53 How to get a car for free; Truth In Lending Act ?
36:35 Change your mindset on credit


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how to get negative things off credit report

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8 Responses

  1. Isaac Cornor says:

    When trying to get late payments removed on an active account, if it cannot be verified by the bureaus, do they remove that late payment and show on time payment for that month, show no information available for that month, or delete that account off the credit report? I want to get my late payment history corrected but not sure how disputing with the credit bureaus affects the active account if they cannot verify the information to be accurate, I wouldn't have been able to take them off if not me meeting U̬̤̯N̬̤̯I̬̤̯V̬̤̯E̬̤̯R̬̤̯S̬̤̯A̬̤̯L̬̤̯C̬̤̯R̬̤̯E̬̤̯D̬̤̯I̬̤̯T̬̤̯S̬̤̯O̬̤̯L̬̤̯U̬̤̯T̬̤̯I̬̤̯O̬̤̯N̬̤̯S̬̤̯ . T̬̤̯E̬̤̯C̬̤̯H̬̤̯

  2. Xrplegend Xrp says:

    Can you remove all type of loans with 3 late payments even if they haven’t went to collections

  3. Philemon Corp says:

    Daraine, I am ready to seek remedy. Do you have something for this when you are ready to take action.

  4. CreditTricksCreditHacks CreditTips says:

    Daraine and Marvin are the best guys out there

  5. SFS Finances says:

    Can you remove chexsystems and ews?

  6. Autumn Athree says:

    Could I just tell where i have my car loan from this

    Under consumer law, I notice that the car dealership has committed fraud.
    15 U.S. Code § 1605 – Determination of finance charge.
    The finance charge does not include charges of a type payable in a comparable cash transaction

    I want my down-payment back that I made. And also I came across more laws they have broke. They never told me about Right of rescission .
    since I find fraud my consumer rights let me have 2 years for rights of rescission.

  7. Tayyab Kolby says:


  8. KC says:

    Can you do another zoom call in the near future ?

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