How to Defendant Debt Collection Lawsuits and New Strategies for 2022

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Every Thursday evening I do a Q&A where we discuss how to defend against debt collection lawsuits, eliminating debt through bankruptcy, suing creditors who violate the law, and how to get your credit score back on track.

John Skiba is a bankruptcy and consumer protection attorney in the state of Arizona.

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6 Responses

  1. P.E P.H says:

    I got served on a junk debt buyer lawsuit. I filed my answer, we are now in discovery. The junk buyer sent me a request for admissions, along with mailing me a huge packet more questions and demands. Along with a MESS of paperwork. I have found many errors and inconsistency. For one the account number in the complaint doesn't match the majority of the statements they sent me. They sent me three different statements one being a totally different person. To me it's clear they bought messes info. They didn't look at it either. How do I call this stuff out?

  2. Matthew Leeder says:

    Do you ever do referrals for out of state clients? Like you can refer me to an attorney in Texas who actually knows what they're doing? So many attorneys providing debt collection lawsuit defense services, but know significantly less about it than you. They say "oh, we'll fight it", but they've never taken a case to trial.

  3. P.E P.H says:

    Sir, great Info, I know this lawsuit against me has so many errors and holes, I am fearful without being more educated in this area, I am going to miss the correct way to handle this. I just need your expertise. For education purposes. Please

  4. Maria Carey says:

    are there any breaks because of the pandemic?

  5. Newb Landers says:

    Hey John quick question. I got a summons for a debt and I contacted the plaintiff directly to offer a settlement, but during the conversation they said they don't even own the debt anymore. How would I respond to this lawsuit?

  6. Neligen Balauro says:

    Hi john how are yoy? Anyway, how much is the courts required fee? I got a summoned yesterday. And i dont know what to do. Can u please me help me?

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