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In today’s episode, Matthew Pillmore, president of VIP Financial Education, shows the best ways of how to check your credit score, along with sharing what HIS personal credit scores are from the various sources out there like Credit Karma, FICO, Vantage Scores, along with various banks and credit card providers like Bank of America, Barclays Card and Wells Fargo. Matt goes through the various techniques to increasing your credit score, while showing his favorite apps and resources to use in tracking and maintaining his scores.

Credit Karma is one of our favorite resources out there – check it out!

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how to dispute a claim on my credit report

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29 Responses

  1. Brenden says:

    great video.

  2. Ozkrow says:

    Mint reports 100 points less than my credit cards

  3. S S says:

    I am starting to think credit scores are BS, How is it when I check my FICO score with Discover its 801 and then log onto Credit Karma (Vantage Score) it's 714? SMH!

  4. eva forde says:

    Thanks to you I'm no longer afraid to check my credit score. Checking it several times per week now. Thanks guys!

  5. Nancy Fiorenza says:

    I check mine all the time thanks for the tips

  6. Clarissa 28 says:

    I've learned tips on how to monitor my credit better.

  7. Monica Stewart says:

    I check my credit score regularly on Credit Karma and Capital One and also order my reports once a year through Thank you for all your great advice! I am learning so much about credit scores and have seen mine go up considerably in the past year!

  8. Daniel Lehoux says:

    There was 14-16 point difference in scores. The CC FICO score being higher than Credit Karma and! Loved this episode as much as the rest. Keep up the good….Great work!!

  9. Daniel Lehoux says:

    I just need to confirm that what you said is that credit card scores such as Discover giving the "Real" FICO score?

  10. Debra Mclane says:

    Debra Mclane,
    good advise, I need to do this more often.
    Thanks for the great videos!!!!

  11. Rachel Williams says:

    I have been more proactive checking my credit score since watching this channel. I'm eager for my coaching session so I can get more help in increasing my score…thanks VIP!

  12. Will Clark says:

    I've never checked my credit as often as I do now. That's only due to the education I've learned from you guys. Keep up the great work.

    My largest spread has been about 25 points, I believe it was only due to us just securing a new debt weapon and 1 reported sooner than the other.

  13. James Clemens says:

    So right now credit karma says I have a 745 which like you I check often, and I'm buying a house and on there side with Fico 8 it said 683 which is a massive difference between the two.

  14. Adam Josey says:

    I have a 34 point spread trans union < Equifax

  15. Margarete Rougier says:

    The largest spread I noticed was about 9. Recently, two of them were within a point or two.

  16. Margarete Rougier says:

    Matt, I appreciate the education on the various resources to check credit rather easily, consistently, and inexpensively.

  17. joshx413 says:

    Very informative! Quick question. If credit karma only updates weekly, why check it daily?

  18. SopranoJessi says:

    I check CK every day! Great tool

  19. ATLJAR01 says:

    Fico will take points away from you if you have 0% utilization, you need to have 1-10 percent. I know it's crazy but you will not get a 850 without a small balance on at least 1 credit card. You should have a min of 3 cards, two of the cards can have a zero balance but one of the cards need a small balance to maximize fico points. Next you need an installment that is 50% or lower of the original balance. One last thing, you need to have never missed a payment or have anything derogatory.

  20. Mike G says:

    Transunion 791 vs. Equifax 768 sometimes over a 30 pts swing very frustrating seeing that that both are reporting on the same information.

  21. Paula Augustine says:

    The tip on paying by the statement closing date is great. Successfully moved my payments to this.

  22. Don Govero says:

    Say a homeless guy has nothing.lost everything.and fico score is 400.and no job.How do i get out of situation

  23. Justin Van Wagoner says:

    I've rarely checked my credit score. Most recently it's the score provided through MINT. 812! haha hope it's right. I'll have to check out Credit Karma.

  24. KimberlysBeautyChannel says:

    How long did it take you to get to such a great credit score? I just recently started and applied for a secured credit card. After I applied, my TransUnion score went up 52 points and my equifax went down 60 points. Is that normal?….. btw, thank you for all of your help! Your videos have helped me TREMENDOUSLY!

  25. Smiles Akendung says:

    Looking great Matthew. Did u lose weight?

  26. Trust Valentino says:

    I'm at a 827 Fico according to bofa free score tracking. Not sure of the spread but I imagine about a 12 point spread. They're usually pretty close for all bureaus. Side note I'm in the final stages of my heloc loan application being approved. Looking to pay off the mortgage in 4 years then acquire a second property

  27. Jared Highlands says:

    I am about 750-760 am about to open another credit card for the sign on and 0% apr

  28. Albert Crowe says:

    Great video! I have the credit karma app myself and check it daily! Thanks!

  29. Raver Magik says:

    Good stuff as always

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