How to Cheat the Credit Bureaus Out of an 800+ Credit Score!

Can You really cheat the credit bureaus out of an 800+ credit score? If you know the credit game then you will know how. Give us a call at 904-420-7772 to get in the Credit Game University today!


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29 Responses

  1. freda cuneo says:

    What a treasure trove of information. Thank you. I hate how the credit bureaus define our worthiness to simply engage in commerce. They should be responsible for all of the bad marks you talk about removing….

  2. Christina Marie says:

    Where do I sign up? Please because I'm over this shit with the credit cards I did everything I can I got a secured card They said after a year if I have on time payments that they'll take me off secured and put me to on secure and send me my deposit back which apparently is a fucking lie cause it's now been over a yr. I paid Lexington law for 78 months for I don't know what because they literally did nothing for me I literally removed the last 4 accounts on my credit that were in collection myself. All they did was take my money

  3. Crystal Samson says:

    i need a house

  4. Agnes Godfrey says:

    I’m interested.

  5. Ke Kee says:

    I need a tradeline

  6. sexybatch21 Robinson says:

    I’m really struggling with my credit.. please help. I’m hoping for a miracle to buy a house by February

  7. Gloria Bush says:

    How do I get in touch with you

  8. sittinherenow says:

    Mike I don't have the time it takes to spend on this…….I'm paying a company for over a year now $60/mo. to slowly help me. I'm ready to get some help from a faster source……you will recognize the source I'm using now. I'll subscribe so you can have my email and send my a response back. Thanks in advance.

  9. P J says:

    Hi Mike. I need help.

  10. FELIX ADAMS says:

    Hello I would love for you to work on my credit

  11. William Stocking says:

    Tell me what I need to do. I'm tired of this buy here pay here cars. I look around and make more then some people but they got a nicer house and a car.

  12. JR & Lois Smith says:

    Help how do you start and how much does it cost?

  13. Tamara Brackett says:

    It has been a rough road to rebuild my credit! I’m only at 630… I was lucky enough to actually buy a newer car…,
    This is my first time on your channel.
    I have creditors from over 20 yrs ago
    They keep bugging me! What can I do?
    I’d like have a higher credit score!

  14. c rosado says:

    hey, thanks for everything you do… I just messed up my credit during this pandemic by having late payments, is there anything I can do to fix it… thanks

  15. Jermaine Dorsey says:

    how fast do you clients see results

  16. Steven Suarez says:

    Lmao I'm tired of my baby boy credit

  17. DeMetra Beasley says:

    Please help!!! I'm drowning in debt and none of my small businesses are profiting due to my personal credit. I want to remove inquiries totaling 90+ within the last year. I need trades lines, but I don't have cave man money to rub together, what should I do? My credit ranges from 640 – 720.

  18. Justin Thomas says:

    Question as I'm watching this: a lender recommended a credit repair company, but when they pulled my credit they said the only advice they can give me was to keep doing what I'm doing. I have two medical debts under $1k each on my credit report, that's it. Everything else is paid off. Two car loans, two credit cards (Credit One and Mission Lane, they both suck) both paid off regularly. My credit utilization is at like 20-22%, and my score still hasn't moved from like 625 on Experian. The issue is my mortgage score is way lower, and I just can't wrap my head around it. I just want to buy a house, I got the rest locked down. What can I do?

  19. Tookie Tookie says:

    How can i get in the credit game??

  20. Adam Hawkins says:


  21. Brenda Windel says:

    man o man. I very been wasting my time with another "credit repair" company. Time to get to work here with the pro!!

  22. Sam Esqueda says:

    My credit is 500 is that low

  23. Bud Ramkissoon says:

    Thanks Mike

  24. The Sword says:

    I need help with my credit score my credit score is 530 please help me I been with Lexington Law, self credit builder nothing seems to work please help me

  25. Frederick J Johnson says:

    i have 40 grand in credit cards How can the trade line help me

  26. Jocelyn Logan says:

    How much does the bachlor cost.. I had a credit company do a consolation with me and gave me a $1700 cost to fix my credit. Is that unreasonable? Can u do better than that?

  27. MR. Richards says:

    Good Stuff, I have a 670 but don't quite understand credit still, I need auto pilot!!

  28. Emmanuel Montano says:

    You helped me repair my moms friends credit too so now she doesn’t have as much stress going into retirement! I need to meet you some day soon

  29. donta williams says:

    Mike with the Info!!!

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