How To Buy Multiple Investment Properties

How do you buy multiple investment properties. This is the big secret to using real estate to build real wealth. When I bought my very first house, my mentor taught me to do 3 specific things. I followed his instructions exactly.

Because I did those 3 things exactly, I was able to buy a second property, and a third, and a forth. Watch this video and you’ll learn what those things are, and learn from my experience.

If you go into real estate, you want to do it right so you can buy multiple properties.

Watch and Enjoy!
Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury

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Video by Nate Woodbury (The Hero Maker)


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45 Responses

  1. Makopa Lets says:

    Im really learning

  2. Dr. Ryland Ruiz says:

    Thanks Chris. I am your new subscriber.

  3. Krystyl Summers says:

    Don't be a communist

  4. TerryE VP says:

    You rock…!!!

  5. Celia Ferro says:

    how did you buy properties in your name or using an company name i am new in this i have properties in my name just created an LLC still have some questions

  6. Daniel Grgic says:

    I think I’d be happy renting just one or two homes. We’re just now moving into our first home.

  7. Haram Bae says:

    Do you have to pay the amount back?? And is this a heloc?

  8. Bijay Tamang says:

    Stopped listening after he started talking about using a 401K and IRA…

  9. Johnny Smackass says:

    I just bought my first house a year ago by 25 thanks to a va loan and really want to work towards investment properties but my biggest concern is trust worthy renters do you use an agency to find and place renters for you? and how do you feel about air b&b properties?

  10. Fizyx says:

    This millionaire can't afford a f'ing 9 volt battery for the smoke alarm.

  11. Bernardo Lopez says:

    You nail it! We need a partner with the same ideas and trust!

  12. Preston Mcgurk says:

    You are very inspirational you are a very positive person and I have learned a lot

  13. Alma Estrada says:

    Hi Kris can you help someone in Canada?

  14. Matt Tebbetts says:

    Hard to take advice from a guy who doesn't change his batteries on his smoke alarms!! Just kidding, thanks for the video

  15. Aaron Powelson says:

    Can someone do this with less than perfect credit?

  16. Ba Parinda says:

    I need help to qualify for a home loan for rent

  17. Pilarush says:

    i love your channel! 🙂 Although my dad and I are gonna invest in the market in Spain, but your info in this video was gold! thank you so much for sharing!

  18. christian jacob leongson says:

    How did you know that your home had a yummy juicy 40k equity? How will i know if the property im buying has that?

  19. JacksonV says:

    I’m a 24 year old jack of all trades that didn’t know where to place my focus. I think I’ve found my purpose. Thank you for your videos!

  20. carlos cortaza says:

    So I don’t understand Kris. I own a house which I rent two floors. I bought it for 66 now is around 120. I want to move forward and buy my second one. Should I refinance or should I obtain a second loan and pay the 20 percent down. It will be great if you can advice me.

  21. marvin ramos says:

    What kind of loans ?

  22. George WIll says:

    What if I got incorporated instead of partnering up, would I still have to worry about tapping out?

  23. Veronica F- Million Dollar Dream says:

    Every Bank I've spoken to does not take 75 to 80% of the rental income into the consideration. They take 50%.

  24. DAVID says:

    Where your first 3 homes under an llc?

  25. ankitrout jiku says:

    @kris krohn I have a property worth $65,000:-
    Rental income:- $540 per month
    Home loan EMI:- $330 per month
    How can I buy the second property?

  26. Au UK ke chuyen Lam giau says:

    Thanks for sharing

  27. RentOS Property Management Software says:

    Great advice. The use of a credit card can truly change someone's luck.

  28. Yarramsetti Durgaprasad says:

    Really I can't understand

  29. K says:

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  30. K says:

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  31. Roger Villa says:

    This video is on point. I just purchased my third property. I rent out two and live in the third one. All three homes are 410-565k Worth. The heloc help flame facilitate funds to purchase my next home. I only used a small amount of it. Now that I own three it’s not a bad idea to partner with a family member and purchase another home as a partnership.

  32. Inesa says:

    Are you allowed to rent out a home whilst paying morgage for it??

  33. siddhartha nag says:

    I want to partner with you!

  34. johnny blaze says:

    Do this! I surely am

  35. Anurag Kumar says:


  36. Brandon Nieves says:

    My 1st video from your channel. Subscribed. Will binge watch after work today.

  37. Gracie Canil says:

    I'm 31, digging into the real estate. 🙂

  38. Findi 1 says:

    Wow, that was very helpful. Thank you

  39. henry diehard says:

    wow chris what drives you to help people who are willing to be successful

  40. john mathew says:

    so when you bought the investment property with a little equity in it , did you pay the 20% down payment using HELOC? and lets say primary house mortgage is covered by renting out in the basement and then by renting out the investment property you are covering the HELOC interests but what about the mortgage on the investment property on the remaining 80% the bank gave you to puchase the property, what about its mortgage ?

  41. John Wen says:

    Super informative… One of the best videos on YouTube… My eyes has been opened. Thank you

  42. VG says:

    There smoke detector is going off

  43. Flar says:

    but you cant change the battery in the smoke detector

  44. smoot96 says:

    So you bought your first house about 35k dollars below market? Did you have to renovate? Please elaborate

  45. BratzWorld says:

    Can this two year job be your own business?

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