How to Build Your Credit Score

How to Build Your Credit Score // Building your credit is easy, but it’s equally as easy to screw it up.

In this video:
– How to increase your credit score
– The average credit scores by age group
– The difference between a credit bureau and bank
– How your credit score is determined
– What do to when you first start building credit
– Debunk myths about credit cards

Build Your Credit on Autopilot System:

To learn more about what credit is, and how you can building your credit as a teen:

To learn how to apply and get approved for a credit card:


We teach you what you need to know about your personal finances, using words you understand, without boring you to death… because adulting shouldn’t suck.

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3 Responses

  1. Los says:

    on 3:32 , when you say keep the balance on the card under 30% ? what do you mean ? keep it under 30% until i have to pay it back orrr ?

  2. Brad O says:

    This literally answered the questions I had asked you previously. Thank you!! I'm not comfortable with credit cards… But I see the benefits and where the numbers come from. Great video!

  3. miky carney says:


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