How to BOOST Your Credit Score – Stefinance Series

What You Need to Know About Your CREDIT! – Stefinance Series
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Stephanie Soo
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14 Responses

  1. Daniel Zhang says:

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  2. NuhGo says:


  3. osman osman says:

    wow surprisingly i'm doing something right in my life

  4. Raish Phoenix says:

    Really appreciate this video! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Susan C. says:

    Can you bring the Stefinance series back!? I randomly started researching on different types of savings, CDs, IRAs, etc and all the finance stuff is making my head hurt. Would love to hear tips on best ways to start investing/saving for someone in their mid-20s!

  6. Sarah says:

    "Now my credit score is considered excellent…Am I bragging?" LOLLLL

  7. C says:

    i need more of this series… pLS

  8. Luke J. / Nexus says:

    The content I didnt know I needed

  9. madelin gwee says:

    Yasss love this series. Hope to see more!

  10. Asian Burrito says:

    Do you have any suggestions for Australians to check their credit score at no cost? Thank you so much, love you guys so much!!

  11. Linda D. says:

    I just discovered your channel just last night and watched this video today and I learned a lot. I never knew what to do and I am currently working on my credit score and this helped me understand it more. I really appreciate it! Thanks for making this video!

  12. Darcie Inouye says:

    damn girl this was actually really informative but in a cool way. I never knew anything about credit scores and never really cared to, but now I know what this shit is all about lol. the credit sesame site was super fast & easy to use & it was really interesting to see what made up my score. thanks for the tips guys!!!!! love you!!!!!

  13. A O says:

    yaasss! help us broke bitches!!!

  14. Kristine Hwang says:

    Awww thats so cute that you thought that you pay your credit card when you get a job later lol

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