How to BOOST Your CREDIT SCORE in 2021

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In this video we show you how to boost your credit score in 2021. If you are watching this in the future, this info will likely still be accurate. We use My Fico to demonstrate.
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how do you get something off of your credit report

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24 Responses

  1. ➡️Nutshellforce on Instagram says:

    The name above is the best fixing my credit, he increased my score and improved my credit profile by removing all negatives items on my report!

  2. Hongyuan Ye says:

    Great informative video, shifu. I am a bit confused about lowering the balance to zero though. Does it mean I could pay my bill fully before the close day every month so that I would have a 0% utilization rate?Does it really help boost my score?

  3. John E says:

    How about if you pay off a personal loan early but still have another small loan on file for my credit mix. What does the paid off loan do for my score?

  4. M&M says:

    Credit scores are a joke. I was at 850 with no debt. Because I refinanced an auto, they dropped my score into the 750’s. The whole thing is a scam.

  5. Jamaal Willis says:

    I could be wrong, but I swear, you're just like a British Ben. The algorithm finally showed me these other channels!

  6. Jones 0 says:

    I only have revolving credit…

    Never took a loan

    No apartment

    No car loan

    No mortgage

  7. DCrump says:

    How much do you pay for myFico?

  8. Jose Sosa says:

    Does anyone have experience that if you paid the card in full you score drops but if you owe money it goes up?

  9. crypto dev says:

    Same as the years before D:

  10. Alfonso Rodriguez says:

    I have a question how many times should someone pay a credit card every month? And is it correct to do?

  11. Ariana Sherry says:

    Nice content

  12. who are you says:

    But I wonder if for someone that already had history with the major bank from another country.. like amex from UK for example.. they have like global relationship.. your thought, Ben…?

  13. who are you says:

    Ben… is it possible to get the chase ecosystem (like slate edge as starter first) instead of the recommended one..? I mean don't wanna get conflict with 5/24

  14. Tammie Blossom says:


  15. Ratzel Barreto says:

    I have 7 credit card with a debt of around 3k in total but I got a score of 747.

  16. YoyiSkill says:

    My credit went to 760 in a year by getting 4 cards, leaving them on 0$ balance, a car loan and my cellphone bill

  17. Stalin Lopez says:

    This may be THE BEST breakdown of credit scores I've seen so far. Great video. Subbed

  18. Jonathan Sorunke - Investing and Personal Finance says:

    I never knew different credit scores depending on what you’re applying for. Great video, very informative!

  19. Delivery Dashcam says:

    How does Medical Debt affect your credit score?

  20. TheRefJeff says:

    Just wondering, but what would be an optimal FICO score under 800 that would get you the best rates for car loans and mortgages? I have a 733 TU FICO 8 score, but don't know if that's in the ballpark!

  21. Yojalata says:

    Whats the minimum number of accounts that you need reporting balances before you get hit with no recent usage of credit cards/bank issued open ended accounts?

    Edit: 1

  22. Dionisio Jimenez says:

    myFICO or Experian? Both offer the option of seeing the three credit scores?

  23. shawn sullivan says:

    @The Credit Shifu can you mention more about the extra report that Chase does that you mentioned?

  24. The Credit Shifu says:

    Download the Cover App and start saving more than 70% on your car insurance:

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