How To Boost Your Credit Score 100 Points in 2 Days.

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5 Credit Score Building Tricks That Should be Illegal (But Are not)
These are not only ways to boost your credit score, but how to build your credit score from the ground up. Let’s take a look at everything you need to be doing to have excellent credit!

This is the most comprehensive credit repair education with a step by step strategy of how to repair credit, with the best tips and tricks along the way. You can even make money doing it.

We even include the credit repair templates we’ve used successfully for years to help thousands of people better their lives. And as a bonus, many of our Original “Credit Game” videos are included for FREE.

My big goal is to raise the national credit score average by educating the masses on credit and finances. The more people are informed, the higher the average will be.

Raise the bar with us and call 904-420-7772 to get The Credit Game University NOW.

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how to dispute a collection on your credit report

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  1. Vincent Frye says:

    I was told that adding an authorized user no longer affects the credit. I'm glad you did a video on this.

  2. Johari Parrish says:

    What if you don't have anyone that will put you as an authorized user on their card?

  3. LiQit says:

    Thank you for these videos!

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    Mike IM READY!!!

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    Help me

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    I’m ready

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