How to Avoid Verified Results l Frivilous Response l 3 Dispute Letter Requirements

Although difficult, you want to do everything possible to avoid a frivilous dispute letter response or verified results response to your credit bureau letter, as well as the OCR scanner and I’m giving you son tips to do exactly that! I also PROVE why you’re committing template suicide as well as give you the 3 requirements of a credit bureau dispute letter. Watch the video to see the mistakes you’re probably making with your dispute letters and how to fix it.

If you don’t believe that my process works, watch the video to see the deletions from the credit sweeps I do for consumers just like you! You know, I 100% agree with you that it’s hard to fix bad credit, but if you know what you’re doing or at least have SOME of the right info, you can get there quickly!

Some quick tips:
Do NOT use templates (template suicide)
Do NOT dispute online or on the phone
Do NOT use the same dispute reason multiple times
Do write your disputes letters from a regular-Joe perspective
Do tell them what you want – deletion or correction
Do remember that not ALL negatives need to be removed because they can drop your credit score by changing the length of the credit history
Do use credit repair letters that work BUT take the “purpose” behind the template and turn it into a unique dispute



Wednesday Night Video Series:

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Please watch: “How to Remove Unknown Collections Using FCRA 623 Violations | Credit Sweep”



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44 Responses

  1. Randumz with Cee War says:

    Hi, even though there are a few inaccuracies on one acct, you would dispute only one of the inaccuracies? If so, would you use the hierarchy to determine which inaccuracy is best to use?

  2. Expert Credit Sweeps says:

    View the most recent videos at – I've shared over 350 of them with you! Get faster results, higher credit scores and an overall shorter dispute duration simply by following my formulas. If you need help with your dispute letters, you can also submit your letter for help with the new series at

  3. Ya boy trueblue says:

    Do u have a. E mail so i can see if u can help me

  4. Justin Fisher says:

    Omg ur hysterical! U act like me, I may need to hire you bc I don’t have the patience for it I get frustrated and confused. Lol

  5. mike Greey says:

    hi do u do business in canada or u are just US only?

  6. Mighty Mel V says:

    will dispute letters help with getting paid charge offs ogg my report?thanks in advanced

  7. 72GiaGia says:

    ok, so I have a question. I did a loan deferment and sent in the paperwork. I called them to make sure they got it and everything was ok and they said yes. I didn't pay my car payment for 2 months based on them telling me the deferment was in effect. Well, they called me I missed the call then called them back and they said they didn't know why I got the call. Apparently, the paperwork didn't have the date on it or and they never told me and they were reporting my account late for a year! I found out when I trying to trade my car in. They said well we called. I said I called you all back to see why you called and that operator said she didn't know and we got off the phone. Can you help me get a whole year of reported late payments off my credit report.

  8. Patrick Cleveland says:

    Are the notes that you are using on this video available to download so that I can take a look at them

  9. Mike Haze says:

    How do I contact you for Consultation

  10. solodolo says:

    Ive been going thru the process 4 four months I have 1 stubborn account left what should I do… ??

  11. Ruth Valle says:

    I used factual based disputes like you showed and I just heard back from Experian after sending my first dispute letters last month. They literally send me a copy of my credit report and NOTHING changed. They didn’t even update, change or delete anything I disputed. What should I do next?

  12. black12212 says:

    How much do you charge to dispute inquiries and collections?

  13. Nathan Evans says:

    I love how you keep it 100 and straight to the point…keep up the good work

  14. Purple Clouds says:

    Should in dispute in cursive so they have to read it.

  15. ken richard says:

    kristen – great video, and you do get positive results. thanks for the info..

  16. The CEO Lifestyle says:

    Hi so should I send a single dispute letter for each account or put all accounts onto the same letter?

  17. Chameka Watson says:

    Hi what is your consulting fee?

  18. Ryan Ninnemukker says:

    First, Using what you have taught about factual disputes…I have had 3 collections deleted from my credit report and my bankruptcy. You are an expert and the best out there…thank you :o)

  19. Z B says:

    If Experian deleted a Medical Debt but the other 2 Credit Bureaus didnt can I send them a copy of Experians report to get them to delete?

  20. Moses E85 says:

    Is there an email I can contact you

  21. Vinesha Miles says:

    On my Identityiq credit report on a collection it’s so many different things the payment status says collection/chargeoff” where it DLA IS 3 years apart different months and Days from transunion and experian the balance is different. the last report date are different by 10 days separate months do I just send in my factual dispute pointing out everything and say it’s inaccurate and do I send my other reports from the other bureaus to prove everything?

  22. Reece says:

    Say for instance I am disputing 7 negative items on my Experian report, should I send them all separately or can I send them all at the same time?

  23. Richard Wilson says:

    I need a few things brought to cirrent from late that reports on my credit. Also get a few things deleted. Not a lot on my credit. How can you help me as I tried to do it myself.

  24. Akil Davis says:

    if date of last reported is not accurate, is that a disputable reason?

  25. ARISTADOE The Reb God says:

    How do I get in contact with you?

  26. ARISTADOE The Reb God says:


  27. Mr. Crane says:

    The world need more people like you who are pros at what they do and share it above all to the rest. The opposition will always be there. But true facts remain the truth.

  28. Paul White says:

    Great info Kristen thank you. I have late payments on an auto loan that dates back to 2013. I'm not wanting to dispute it b/c it was my fault. Can I or should I try and remove them?

  29. Akil Davis says:

    What are your thoughts of getting your letter notarized?

  30. jean billy says:

    you look so sexy in this vid

  31. Michael O'Toole says:

    So. How about Advantage Credit Counciling Service. Recommended to my be PNC back to help with free public dispute assistance is telling me that it is perfectly legal for Portfolio Recovery to buy my debt that hasn't been used since 2004. In fact. they say it can follow me for life and that I must settle with Portfolio. To whom should I send a dispute? One of the credit bureaus or Portfolio?

  32. Michael O'Toole says:

    Can you help this situation? I have a derogatory posting on my credit score from Portfoliio Inc. Which they Purchased from Capital One. The problem is the card was opened on 4/9/04 and I only used this card for two or three years. I called Capital one and asked them when the last transaction was on this card and they said 2012.. They couldn't give me a month or what the transaction was for. They then stated that this was charged off 8/6/2013. Portfolio is now saying that they are reporting in on 9/6/18. Obviously with the 7 year payment period, they are trying to essentially treat this as a new debt. Any suggestions on how to handle this ?

  33. T. A. Mccurdy says:

    Awesome video, great info on those letters, no wonder I had a letter come to me with the exact word frivolous. We used lexington law and after a year I still have some accounts I need assistance with so I cancelled them. They use template letters and they are written awfully, maybe to make them appear legit.

  34. Comfort Lining-Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive says:

    This information is correct about everyone using the same 609 or 623 templates. If you check a website called inside arm they area head of debt collectors etc. And have everyone's complaints from the CFPB on their website. So use the template but put it in ur own words, use ink like she said colored paper etc. But neat. You can also use the FTC CFPB BBB & HHS.GOV (medical) to help.
    BTW, I made a account with inside arm and read consumer complaints (their public) and basically everyone is using the same words. It's sad, because these debt collectors & credit bureaus are laughing at you.

  35. Es Gee says:

    Omg…I screwed up! I did a template and asked to delete the info. I sent the letters 2 weeks ago. Can I send another letter asking to correct or adjust!? I have 28 years of credit history and a good score.

  36. Christopher Patterson says:

    can you get rental evections off

  37. A Smith says:

    Can you still dispute this way if items have been disputed multiple rounds and came back verified or updated?

  38. michelle turner says:

    I need help
    Can I make an appointment???

  39. Vinesha Miles says:

    Can this help with bail bond collections?

  40. Tessa Burgess says:

    Did you guys do credit repair training?

  41. jmann19776 says:

    How successful have you been reporting to CFPB.
    Your videos are THE BEST on this subject !!! Thank you for helping people !!!!

  42. Ana Beaton says:

    You are awesome !

  43. bota20 says:

    !!!Expert credit sweep!!! Being a new member, "Do Not use Templets!" *if your doing it yourself.. Just give Kristen a call…nuff said..

  44. Dennis Grace says:

    I was turned down for a mortgage because of student loan debt. My student loans should have been discharged due to disqualifying status. While challenging the denial, I entered income based repayment. Nelnet was supposed to apply administrative forbearance but didn’t apply it, so “late” payments are shown, lowering my credit. And they refuse to change it. Anything I can do there?

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