How to Appeal Your Part B Premium

Some people pay more for their Medicare Parts B and D due to their higher income. However, SS bases your premiums on your income from 2 years ago, and many people earn less now than they did before because they retired. In this video, we teach you how to appeal your Part B premiums with Social Security and get them lowered now.

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35 Responses

  1. Mark Collier says:

    my premium was based on 2019 income which was a bump due to spouses company being sold and one time compensation. 2020 income was about 90 k lower. when i fill out the step 2, is it the 2020 income i put there ?

  2. Rose Michels says:

    This is now 2021 but I don't think the basic info (just amounts) differs. My question is this … my husband turns 65 in July of this year so he plans to go online in April to apply for Medicare A and B. However, due to the virus situation and backlog at the IRS, they have not processed his/our 2019 tax form where we owed $23. They got the $23 but lost the tax form. We refiled it but it's still not showing up in the system. The good news is, we filed our 2020 taxes already and already got our small refund. Will they look at the most recent 2020 tax form info or the 2019 (lost) tax form info when deciding his Part B premium? THANK YOU for any help you can give with this question.

  3. David Horwitz says:

    What if you work for yourself and your income drops a lot in one year due to not having a good year. What reason do you put down for the lowering of your income as I don't see a category for that.Thanks.

  4. Bob Franken says:

    I was paid an incentive to retire in 2019 AND had a large one-time capital gain that year. As a result, I was notified I would jump two brackets in higher premiums for 2021. (With just the retirement, it would only have been one bracket). Should I mention both events in my appeal? or just the retirement and let them figure it out?

  5. RR says:

    is there a draft letter response due to loss of income with a severance?

  6. onr all kinds of reviews channel says:

    Best to option out of medicare part b all together if you get ssdi

  7. Susan Mc Neil says:

    The ONE year we made more is the year they will use to calculate our plan b. All years before that and this return for 19' are all under the amount for filing jointly. Our reason for this year is that there isn't as much work. And that isn't one if the reasons on SS-44. What can we do?

  8. Jan Poscovsky says:

    Thank you for your blog post and video. Here is what doesn't make any sense to me. Both my husband and I are on medicare. SSA looked at our jointly filed 2018 return and rather than split it in half, they used the full amount for each of us, in essence saying we made 2x as much as we actually did. Our individual 1099's (we are self-employed) showed different incomes for each of us but we shared other income including a large one time capital gain. We understand that the capital gain was used but it increased our income for the year substantially, We plan to protest but cannot understand how they can effectively double our income by using the total income for each of us individually rather than half the gross income. This seems like a double taxation of sorts.

  9. Chuck Freeman says:

    I retired in December 2018 and filed form SSA-44 at that time to waive 2019 IRMAA since my estimated MAGI was below the $170,000 trip point. That form was approved, and my IRMAA for 2019 has been zero. But now I have decided to take an IRA distribution in December 2019 that will put my MAGI back above that IRMAA trip point. This distribution is from a regular IRA, not Roth. Will I therefore owe IRMAA for all of 2019? If so, will Medicare bill me for it? Or is there another way to settle up with Medicare?

  10. Trang Hoang says:

    Hello Boomer Benefits. I am single and currently receive retirement benefits with $ 900/mo. I will have a Medicare in 3 months. I am also have a Medicaid. My Medicaid no cost of sharing. I wonder if I have to pay any premium part B? I’m not working right now. Thank you for answer in advance and happy holidays.

  11. VegasStangman says:

    So, the least you can be charged for part B is $134?
    So, if someone has a $135 cost there is no point to appeal?

  12. Dave Mabry says:

    I retired in the middle of 2018. My income for the entire year pushes me into IRMAA territory, but if you only look at my income level AFTER retirement (which started on July 1, 2018) it is at a rate that is below IRMAA levels. Do I have a case for reconsideration? My income before retirement was high, but I wasn't on Medicare then. I went onto Medicare at the same time as retirement, at which time my income went down to a rate below the threshold for IRMAA to kick in. I just received notice that I owe IRMAA premiums for 2018, July – December. Hope I'm being clear. Do you think a request for reconsideration will work for a partial calendar year, specifically, July – December, 2018. Thanks.

  13. 9929kingfish says:

    You are a great advocate for our elderly. Thank you

  14. Kimberly M says:

    I have been drawing SS since age 62 due to mental health reasons but was denied disability. I turn 65 in November and will need help paying my medicare premiums. I applied for Medicaid recently and was denied . I draw less than $909/month. Is there help available ?

  15. Lee Sires says:

    I have basic blue cross blue shield federal employee insurance. Should I sign up for part b Medicare? Thank you

  16. John C says:

    …and the Medicare people were "so kind" to include that table on a letter last year to my wife and me informing us that IRMAA was moving in for a year, because we sold a rental the year before, with a capital gain. And because we sold more rentals last year (more capital gains), we expect to have IRMAA around for a second year "lease" – and pay even more for having her around (looking further down that table in the letter!). But in the "nothing ventured, nothing gained" department, I'll download SSA-44 (who thinks up all these names and numbers, anyway?) and take a look. If we decide to submit the form, we'll see what they say over at Medicare. If it's not approved, at least we know that IRMAA will get evicted at the end of 2020. Thanks!

  17. Lee Sires says:

    I don't think I need part b because I have Fed blue cross blue shield. I just need Part A only because it's free. What do you think? Also I shouldn't have to pay a penalty if I decide to sign up for part b because my Fed BCBS is equal to or better than the Medicare plan. What do you think ? Thank you, the video was great.

  18. bebetigre12 says:

    I FILED IT AND NOW must file again.

  19. Miguel195211 says:

    Excellent video now I have a question. Does SS automatically decrease your part B $134 per month if they look at your earnings and see that you have made less than $6000 per year in the last two years?

  20. David Kunkle says:

    We successfully got a premium reduction for my Mom following these exact steps.

  21. kin pier says:

    My wife retired at the end of 2016 and I retired in June 2017. Do we include distributions we take from 401k's and annuities and social security as regular income for calculating this? They are included in the AGI for tax purposes, but we have no income other than those items since we no longer get wages.

  22. Marc Berg says:

    Do I have to take the competed form into a SS office? I don't see a mailing address on the form. Thanks for the video.

  23. Stacey Myers says:

    This was very informative. Thank you so much for sharing. There is a lot to know about.

  24. Online Course Creation with Demelza Marie says:

    Very helpful video!

  25. Yogini Angelina says:

    Great information thank you for sharing.

  26. Dal Dhaliwal says:

    Great video, very helpful and you explained everything so clearly. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  27. Justin Parks says:

    Good Info, thank you!

  28. Stephanie Rodnez says:

    Great information! Thank you so much!

  29. Abie Kamara says:

    Great info! Learned something new. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Amy Butler says:

    My mother won a jackpot in a casino, and then to our dismay Medicare then charges her more for premiums because that increased her MAGI. I thought everyone knew gamblers never come out ahead at the years end, but the government considers it regular income. Do you think it would be worthwhile to file an appeal?

  31. Professor Heather Austin says:

    Wow, super great tips on how to appeal your part be premium. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Irene Gohl says:

    Great information! Glad to know there are ways around those higher premiums.

  33. Jordan Kapur says:

    I had called your team not too long ago about this very topic! I am helping my parents with Medicare (my dad already has a policy through you and my mom will SOON) but this information is excellent. Passing along! Thanks for the info

  34. Adriana Girdler says:

    You explain everything so clearly, and it helps that you include examples and visuals. Great, informative video. Cheers!

  35. Boomer Benefits says:

    Do you have a question about appealing your higher premium for Medicare Parts B or D? Let us know and we'll be happy to provide guidance.

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