How to appeal an eviction judgment

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Isaac Sturgill, head of our housing practice group, gives you step-by-step instructions for appealing an eviction judgment in North Carolina.

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  1. Spe-chul Pee-pul says:

    As a tenant of nine years, never being late on my rent or commiting a violation I am now in a cat and mouse struggle with my landlord. I was promised a kitchen sink when I signed the new lease. First they said in 06.05.2021 they would install it last summer when I resigned the lease 3 months early then she sent an email that it would be done in September 2021 when the new lease went into affect. Now it is December and no sink. They did this last year and blamed it on Covid. We also are in a battle over tenants, staff and visitors parking in my space, double parking and after I added cones them being moved and ran over. Also the landlord used my space for storage when they were putting in new washers and dryers making it impossible for me to use it. All this after my telling them not too park in our block my space. Management told me they had problems with parking and sent out a letter, issued car stickers and said the lots would occasionally be patrolled( never have seen) but like I told her none of it stops the violators. Especially when tenants know those are idle threats and management violates the parking also. Management said they cannot evict tenants over parking violations and if I don't like it I can move. She said she would ask the owners to allow me to leave with no penalty and 3 months later no response until we got into it again about someone running over my cones. She said the vandalism was understandable with the way I talk to people. I am disabled and unable to move so I feel I am being passive-aggressively harassed. Now she said I lied on her staff and that I must go. She said in an email I had 60 days to get out and would receive a notice. So I say this as a landlord owning a duplex in WV that when as a landlord you have no integrity and your word means nothing many of these issues start with the landlord.

  2. Chiquita Williams says:

    When filling out the indigent form. Will they let you know immediately if you can file as indigent or approve so when filling out the bond to stay youll know right then how much total you have to pay that very day?

  3. Jenny Diez says:

    We are appealing a 2nd eviction by the same landlord in a year. Judge dismissed first case because landlord lied and said we didnt pay our rent. (We did and could prove it.) Now- she is saying she terminated our lease but we paid our rent in the usual manner. During the first case- she contracted with us to provide a reference if we would move as soon as possible. 14months later- we are still waiting for that. Can the judge compel her to obey the verbal contract? Having a current reference is a crucial tool we need to move. There isnt a single property mngmnt company that will rent to us without it.

  4. Keith Dennis says:

    Hi Isaac! This is a great refresher for me; and a wonderful resource for tenents facing eviction. Thank you so much for making this video! All the best.

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