How to Add Rental History to Your Credit Report

How to Add Rental History to Your Credit Report // Report Rent Payments to Credit Bureaus

If you’re thinking about building your credit score, adding your rental history will boost your credit score with the credit bureaus. We talk about different ways you can add rental history to your credit report, ways to report your rent payments to the 3 major credit bureaus, and how to use your utilities payments to get a better credit score.

0:00 – Intro
0:16 – How We Weren’t Able to Use This Awesome Feature Growing Up
0:55 – Different Ways You Can Build Your Credit
1:08 – How Kids These Days Have it Easy
1:33 – The Importance Of Building Credit Early
2:08 – People Who Don’t Have a lot of Credit History Typically Have Rental History
2:57 – The Cost of Most Rent Reporting Agencies
4:09 – Rent Reporting Agency #1 – Rent Reporters
4:48 – Rent Reporting Agency #2 – Level Credit (Formerly Known as Rent Track)
5:21 – Rent Reporting Agency #3 – Credit Rent Boost
5:42 – Rent Reporting Agency #4 – Extra Credit
6:29 – What You Need to Get Started
7:02 – Make Sure Your Information is Protected
7:26 – Make Sure Your Landlord isn’t Already Reporting Your Payments
7:45 – The Boost In Credit Score’s Most People Saw When Using These Services
8:36 – Pro Tip With Alex and Phillip

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