How This 1 Typo "Kills" 14,000 People Every Year

What if you wake up one day and don’t exist anymore, legally presumed dead, your stuff sold off, and your family moved on? This happens more often than you’d think, being legally dead and trying to get back your life, bank accounts, and house. Let’s get into it.


[Constantin Reliu – The Man Who Disappeared for 17 years]

[The Runaway Woman – Brenda Heist]

[The Living Dead Man of Ohio – Donald Miller]

[The Woman Dead Because of Typo – Judy Rivers]

[What Happens When You’re Presumed Dead]

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Manhattan Twist by Avocado Junkie

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26 Responses

  1. Ben Marolt says:

    Yup, That "typo" happened to me last year. Fortunately, I found out a few days later, so it only took a few months to clear up most of it. Still, there are banking repercussions of having been formerly "deceased"

  2. Motley Grant says:

    in the philippines… the law does not have any prescription in proving that the presumptive death is erroneous.

  3. I Created An Account For This says:


  4. Rebekah Leonard says:

    Typo: Omaiwa moshinderu
    Person: NAN?!?

  5. M.R.S.K says:

    4:17 I'll be honest, she looks like a female voldemort

  6. Mallory's Outlet says:

    Oh my God I just got it. Luke Worm.


    All it takes is one letter

  8. rainynight02 says:

    Bilbo was gone for 2 years, not a few months.

  9. umbrykane says:

    My ex's mom's boyfriend faked his death in Canada and has been living here in the USA for the past 10 years or so , all 3 living on my ex's income. the mom will take a job and the bf will do under the table job if my ex falls behind in bills/rent. they quit the jobs when he's caught up

  10. Turtle 1228 says:

    Here comes the killjoy

  11. Jotaro Kujo does anims says:

    This is the perfect example of "i can't see it, it doesn't exist."

  12. Nathan Higgs says:

    if you commit a crime while being legally dead could you go to jail?

  13. Eric Taylor says:

    I went to school with a guy who, a few years before, was crossing a flooded street. He asked his friend a question and failed to get a response turned and saw that his friend was gone. There had not been enough time for the friend to get to a place where he couldn't be seen, especially considering the hip deep water.
    Thinking his friend had tripped on something he back tracked to see if he could find his friend and nearly fell into an open man hole. The manhole led to the storm sewer that, because it carried only storm water drained directly into the bay.
    Though the kid's body was never recovered he was declaimed dead right away, as there was no doubt what had happened to him.
    The currents running through the flooded storm sewer system were quite strong, and from where that man hole was, there was nowhere that you could get out between that manhole and the outlet into the bay.
    I would have taken several minutes to get to the bay, so there was no doubt that he had drowned.

  14. Vuk Kulvar says:

    Those noseless drawings are terrifying

  15. Alex S says:

    I present to you, the legal system

  16. ericscire says:

    its weird that those people dont have noses

  17. Snek says:

    Why does the the human mind skip the second the❓

    Read that twice

  18. cheesy yep says:

    how am i stil alie??
    edit am dead now

  19. Ahmed Khaled says:

    Wait. What is that typo that can declare you dead? I wanna know so I don't get declared dead by accident

  20. Cool Cat 34 says:


  21. Matthew Marchetti says:

    4:14 Brew draws uncanny fish-human hybrids when he triesnto draw realistic humans, No offense.

  22. Genderfliud God of Mischeif, Loki says:

    Fakes death
    Me: Now what do I do?

    ____________________ ] [ ____________________
    l _____———___
    | []

  23. Code95FIN says:

    Great quote comes to mind:
    "He is spending a year dead for tax reasons"

  24. damen whelan says:

    A friend of mine has the opposite issue.
    2 social security numbers.

    Their parents used one to claim benefits.
    And the other one is a ghost.

    I've nomodea how they actually function or what the solution was.

  25. Hart Poole says:

    I knew somebody who was registered dead when they were a child. They didn't know until they were trying to get a passport, it took a few months to clear up but didn't cause any other problems because it was the late 80's.

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