How The West Was Lost: Climate Change | Meet The Press Reports

The Mountain West may soon be beyond our natural resources and may become uninhabitable.

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42 Responses

  1. Tommy Salami says:

    This is why I hate watching this guy assuming laninya does not hit the shores or it quits raining all together .Seems they put this guy on when spread bad rumors

  2. Enjoy Living says:

    There is a new invention: Process of converting seawater to hydrogen, piping it and reforming it to freshwater that converts seawater into freshwater AND transfer it inland at minimal cost. It can be powered by solar cells. This investment would last generations and would avoid the uncertain weather.

  3. Carol Battle says:

    So, why aren't more trees being planted ???? That would help more with climate change than a lot of other things being done.

  4. Mountain N says:

    Pretty funny that a 12-year-old girl from Sweden, Greta Thunberg has been trying to get people to take climate change seriously for the last five years and they make it sound like it's a surprise that we now all of a sudden have to change things because of this climate change. The world has had about 10 years of warning and they did nothing!

  5. Robbie Bobbie says:

    Reservoirs of water is rain in storage.

    It can’t rain if all the water is being held back behind a dam

  6. Jade Lee says:

    Work Smarter, NOT Harder!! Start building ECO Green buildings/Homes!!

  7. firefox5926 says:

    25:55 how about no .. how about we not debate it how about you just do what the people who have studied this for a career have and are telling us to do

  8. firefox5926 says:

    24:46 no climate change will not be solve by individual action .. no matter what you do or what your business does it will not matter because what you do and what you business does unless it is a mega corp and the thing you do is effectually cripple it you will not change this this require …and i know as Americans you have a pathological hatred of this word but .. you need collective action .. now before you start unloaded the burning crosses and shouting commie … what you ne "BANG"…..

  9. Paul Threet says:

    Well, there are 3 major western cities that never should have grown like they did because there never was enough water in the area for them: Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. It was a bad idea in the first place.

  10. Michael Ong says:

    Farmers, we have no pity anymore…. Farmers and their methods ahve destroyed land, and polluted water for a long time.. time to change.

  11. Michael Ong says:

    Honestly, Farmers around the world are selfish and stuck in the past…. instinctly adept to planting in the ground, and then soaking such area.
    The best way to begin sustainability… spend the money to build new.
    #DripIrrigation #VerticleFarming

  12. Wandering Questions says:

    They’re almost out of water and they’re still watering lawns? Guess the water isn’t that big of a problem and Washington is suppose to address it?!

  13. Alexander Somm says:

    Honey, did you pay the water bill?!


  14. Kiyoone says:

    Interestelar is already happening…

  15. Alan Muiga says:

    We need to start transforming some of these farms to forest that way we will prevent desertification

  16. Jeanne Weisz says:

    Donald Regan was talking about this since the 1980s. Pass the buck..pass the
    buck..pass the buck….now we're doomed.

    .he 1980

  17. Michael Brewick says:

    So much for human "intelligence"

  18. CANINE TWANG says:

    Biden won’t even save our endangered wolves. He sure won’t do anything about climate change. He’s in the pockets of ranching and oil.

  19. Amy Stuck says:


  20. no bueno says:

    Ripe out all the golf course grass smh

  21. Rock E says:

    For those who aren’t from around here, most of the Phoenix area’s water comes from the Salt River. That system is 70% full.

  22. Mark Hoerner says:

    “Enough beef for 5000 families” gee Wally what should we do?????

  23. david bunch says:

    the other parts of the country flood. What about nationwide water grid same as electricity and oil?gas? YES/NO?

  24. MikeP says:

    All talk no action

  25. The Great Big Move says:

    These MSM takes are unbearable. How do people listen to these news outlets?

  26. Vivian Unger says:

    Does anyone out there CARE that these 3 – Bezos, Branford and Musk are contributing to fossil fuel emissions and GLOBAL WARMING of Planet Earth? They are adding to our already severe weather problems! If we can't even take care of this Planet Earth, why go out into space and pollute that too? I do not condone rockets poking more holes into our atmosphere.

  27. Snooky Wooky says:

    4:44 Las Vegas is doing it's part – drinking their own poopwater.

  28. SophieSophs says:

    So the west is having a water issue– it's disappearing– i read that american indians are asking for help and yet the government is making us all pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed, cloth, home and to have healthcare and free schooling provided to them. We have people here who need that help but especially the native americans. They deserve help since their nation was taken away from them and live only in certain spots. They shouldnt have to rehome and should have water.

  29. Ken Howard says:

    "The land of the free…" Once again, we see what people expect of freedom (as with the anti-vaccine movement) is nothing short of crazy. Maintaining lush green lawns in the middle of a desert, with a shrinking water supply for a growing population has to indicate some level of short-sightedness, if not stupidity.

  30. Cliff Knighton says:

    Can anyone say birth control?…

  31. Jay Soni says:

    How about placing solar panels on top of the canals and generating electicity. This way evaporation is reduced and energy is generated from the heat.

  32. Michelangelo Missoni says:

    “10% of the Colorado River evaporates before it can even make it to these cities”
    Time to build hundreds of miles of mega parasols? Aka the great shade

  33. Jane Lee says:

    Maybe they need to build water pipelines to bring water from Michigan lake and southern states where water is abundant everywhere. Western states are so thirsty now.

  34. Jane Lee says:

    I’m thinking about covering more lawns with rocks, white rocks. Maintaining grass green is so stressful when we don’t have rains. I’m living in Colorado.

  35. lady says:

    The biggest pig farm in vegas is half as many its sad no food no buffets for casino no extra for the pigs we dont waste food in vegas lol

  36. 520BassAssassin says:

    Well you let millions of ppl through illegal immigration in the West. in the desert where we have not alot of water as it is a "desert".
    The drought is not a climate problem it's overpopulation in a desert problem.

  37. Red Barchetta says:

    Waste is waste. Ya'd think Red States, after burning, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods would smarten up? Oh yeah, THEY ARE RED STATES…

  38. Sad boy Solly says:

    All this land and you act like you need to sell your land. Permaculture farming/sustainable farming
    Do your research!

  39. Sad boy Solly says:

    Permaculture is the future
    Replace grass with an inch of wood chips the put compost soil on top then seed, water and forget. It’s not rocket science.
    Let nature figure out the rest out for you.

  40. Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    Copies of each other.

  41. Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    They went at full speed. Ed el awareness? Look at that, stalked all the way here. Ed el Belly Dancers. This was not dangerous? To allow them walk free without a treatment?

  42. Ghirardelli Chocolate says:

    Sexually Active??????? Yah! Why

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