How the Taliban seized Afghanistan again – BBC News

Taliban fighters have swept across Afghanistan taking control of towns and cities.

Ros Atkins looks back at recent events in Afghanistan, and how the Taliban managed to takeover.

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39 Responses

  1. Ginger Marie says:

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  2. Thomas H Cullen says:

    The people of Afghanistan are free of jobs, money and nations, because they have already lived through daylight

  3. Md Arif says:

    what kind of headline of bbc is this? "taliban seized "…taliban is a afghan citizens. its their country. they didn't go to seize American continent. they are leaving in their country.

  4. zawchee says:

    A country that spent 20 years training soldiers and was backed by big cool nations on the world vs fighters wearing traditional clothes afghan armed with aks, who would win?

  5. Prince Solomon says:

    This is another proof of why you can't just force democracy on a people (didn't work in Germany after WW1 either), you must change the minds of the people through a massive collective trauma (WW2 Germany bombed to pieces) or wait many decades and hope education and willpower will do it for the people so the revolution will come from the inside.

    But there are no Afghans, they're heavily divided people, there aren't even THE Taliban, they're divided into many factions too. So much division, of course there can't be any unity and these wars are doomed from the beginning. They're living in the middle ages and nothing is going to change anytime soon because the UN isn't helping enough.

  6. sugeng riyadi says:


  7. Censure Asylum says:

    This is not my Forum.

  8. somisetty revanth says:

    With the help of palistan

  9. putine lapipe says:

    how come US have a relationship with taliban and uAs they fighting them for 20 year and we see taliban and united of amercica for some agreement with his enemy i really don't understand that kind of politics. so i guess for afghanistan they will come at the some time taliban figth them us much as possibl

  10. Dagoth Ur says:

    Bden ignored his general's, scrapped Trmp's policy and made none of his own. Blood on Bden's hands, he also made hundreds of US abandoned there and CNN, BBC etc swept it under the rug, sickening.

  11. Nguyen Le Dang Khoa says:

    ( @#$%^&*(*&^%$ )

  12. vincent Lawrence says:

    Biden is a mean old confused supposed demented old man, my opinion is that it is true. He's turned his back on these people, what a pussy.

  13. Rob Ski says:

    What is the greatest National security threat to the United States of America and the American people? Mr. Joe Biden.

  14. Jesus Christ save us says:

    Why doesn't the taliban go take down everyone's idol the world wide web go drop some bombs on the computer farms that's everyone's idol that's what everyone is worshipping take it down

  15. N† K says:

    どのニュースを見ても タリバンって言うけど….
    大切なのは アフガニスタンの人達でしょう?
    政権が変わっても大切なのは 国民の生活じゃ無いの?

  16. Clarity Shots says:

    Can someone summarize what happened in afghanistan?

  17. Aaron E says:

    So they won eh? What would it look like had they lost?!

  18. Dienaarvandeschepper says:

    Quran 24:55

    Allah has promised those who have believed (correct imaan) among you and done righteous deeds that He will surely grant them succession [to authority] upon the earth just as He granted it to those before them and that He will surely establish for them [therein] their religion which He has preferred for them and that He will surely substitute for them, after their fear, security, [for] they worship Me, not associating anything with Me. But whoever disbelieves after that – then those are the defiantly disobedient.
    (Interpetation of the meaning)

  19. mohamed azeem mohamed kamal says:

    why American left their military without inform to afghan army, it seems american forces lost to taliban. coz taliban have no media to broadcasting then whole world thinking America offered weapons to america but I never herd america has offered anything to anything country free of charge

  20. TopShot says:

    Biden is the reason they seized Afghanistan

  21. Bill SB says:

    3:56 This guy has a gut

  22. 4U_2_NV says:

    "Taliban ban women from studying with men." -BBC (today's news)
    "UK ban women from studying with men in bikini." – Taliban replied.

  23. fergal746 says:

    Not everyone wants to be civilised. Savagery is a choice we must respect. Only Sadam Hussein could control Iraq. Brutalism and state terror take decades to develop a "self choice" of freedom. Let "Islam paradise" show it's people how to live. Send Islamic home to their paradise and stop telling civilised peoples of the world that their ideas belong in their societies.

  24. im alover says:

    Father “TIME” says, Tali will use american equipment against America in near future. Hopefully not in US soil.

  25. Kevin Sam says:

    US president: No they will not attack.

    Meanwhile: Taliban……..

  26. Yolo Foodie says:

    Oh man… this is so sad. I feel so fortunate being able to live in Canada. I hope other countries can step in to help.

  27. Md. Joshim uddin says:


  28. Lu Uu says:

    Because Biden is a failure

  29. winsome850 says:

    The poor Afghan people live in a miserable corner of the world. After 20 years of aggressive war and destruction, the participating countries must be responsible and compensate the Afghan people with trillions of dollars.

  30. Jon Cristobal says:

    What a war….made on paper

  31. Dr Zakir Naik YT says:

    Biggest mistake Taliban made was by not making Afghanistan the biggest cemetery for the US citizens outside USA..

  32. Shahnaz Gull says:

    Talibans win why. When few people with no special power but spirits and faith is touching height of sky, they can defeat anyone. Whole history is filled with these stories. It is one of the greatest event of this century.

  33. kelly mcclure says:

    All please understand that most in usa are upset and ashamed by our governments plan to leave. People voted Biden for president. He is seen as weak by the Taliban and Biden proved this and continues too.
    I stopped voting after I voted for Obama thinking he would help but didn't. Saw our government for what they are. So I choose to not vote. I agree we needed to leave but the way it was done was completely insane on so many levels. But now Afghanistan is in control, mainly by the Taliban, there are alot of groups like Taliban in Afghanistan.

  34. kelly mcclure says:

    I love how when trump was president things were on a level, then Biden lmao

  35. kelly mcclure says:

    USA military lies

  36. Corey McLaughlin says:

    Taliban overtakes governments and in response "…the U.N. was speaking out…" = And that's one reason the Taliban wins. They use actions. The U.N. uses words.

  37. YoungTurkCA says:

    Afghanistan was a success story in 1950s; building dams, irrigation of deserts, building infrastructure, agriculture, education, and some sort of booming middle class. In 1980s, foreign support of fundamentalist against Russia was a grave mistake and it was the beginning of the end. It's so sad to see a country once was almost a model for development is imploding and radicals once supported by US is the culprit of all problems from Afghanistan to Middle East.

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