How the GOP’s Tax Plan Raises YOUR Taxes to Fund Tax Cuts for the Rich

In a 51-49 vote the U.S. Senate voted to approve a tax reform plan that is essentially socialism for the rich; the bill cuts taxes for the richest 1% of Americans while simultaneously stripping away many deductions for middle and low-income earners. You read that correctly. Your taxes are going up so millionaires and billionaires can make even more money. In this segment we’ll discuss what’s in the Republican Party’s so-called tax reform legislation and discuss how unfair it is to most Americans in the country.


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The Humanist Report (THR) is a progressive political podcast that discusses and analyzes current news events and pressing political issues. Our analyses are guided by humanism and political progressivism. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking, fact-based commentary that aims for the highest level of objectivity.


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30 Responses

  1. Joshua Rowley says:

    I think the reason why they set it up so that the taxes creep back up on the middle and lower class is so that when the power starts to flow back to the democrats, they can blame them for the increase in taxes when in fact it was them.

  2. Lumrodger says:

    American Kleptocracy

  3. HeyMildred says:

    Any bill that results in less money going to Washington (which obviously has a TERRIBLE track record with money) should be celebrated. I agree this bill is far from perfect (it doesn't even lower the top rate like its opponents claim), but both sides should be applauding any bill that sends less of our money to Washington that it will then waste. Time to starve the beast baby!

  4. Thys Ballard says:

    How does someone who has a Master's in political science not know what socialism is. Socialism is not taxing the rich. Socialism is not redistribution. Socialism is workers' ownership of the means of production, pure and simple.

  5. Sarah Cullen says:

    Why is the U.S. government at war with its own people???? If they keep this up who will be left to fight their illegal wars when they have culled the American human herd to zero.

  6. tenshi7angel says:

    They are trying to make favorable conditions for large enterprises to give money back to the people with jobs. The reality is different. Big companies will continue to pocket their money, and you get nothing. Starting to like what Australia is doing, which is to penalize companies for using tax havens overseas. Instead of getting away with not paying tax, they are made to pay taxes for doing business to Australia from overseas.

  7. Science Talk with Jim Massa says:

    Let's not forget that tuition waiver that graduate students receive will now be considered taxable income. So, graduate students will see their taxes go up by around 400%. This will discourage people from getting advanced degrees and will be detrimental to the US. Ryan Grim did some excellent reporting on this tax bill and what it means including explaining this whole tuition waiver aspect.

  8. Science Talk with Jim Massa says:

    Removing the personal exemptions and doubling the standard deduction makes this a wash. They will cancel each other. Thus, when all is said and done, there is a significant tax increase coming.

  9. Victorseafog says:

    So what the working poor and middle class need to do is reduce their hours at work and find work where you are paid under the table and tell the GOP fascist government to fuck off. The off the books employment is really increasing and it is understandable.

  10. humboldthammer says:

    BS — They Raise Taxes to FUND WAR !!!! End war worldwide by 2019 with just 3 billion EweToo(b) comments. Ewe Too can help. Mo More War. Where is your courage?

  11. arispieacresfarm says:

    This tax bill as currently constructed means I'll be forced to sell my small farm and move

  12. Johny Domingo says:

    Your channel and subscribers seem envious and greedy.

  13. butterflyeffect says:

    Republicans do shit like this all the time! This is what happens when you vote straight ticket!

  14. romansten9 says:

    "Tax break"

    A misnomer for someone that has OVERPAID taxes for years, and finally gets to pay less, but still MORE than other people pay. Im poor myself, but sick of the lies. Tired of rich democrats stealing money to hand out so they can get elected.

  15. LordHeadassSupreme says:


  16. TheBackgroundCharacterBrian says:

    Trump is fucking up majorly I don't want live on this country anymore.

  17. Denise Devoto says:

    I wonder why the Democrats aren't filibustering this bill? Maybe because they agree with most of it?

  18. Erik Cregeen says:

    Are you suggesting that the tax bill doesn’t help middle class workers at all?

  19. Blackatchaproduction says:

    Murica will turn into North Korea. It's already at a fancy 3rd world country level now. Next stage orange kim. Downfall complete

  20. Mark Wokojance says:

    You people just love to eat bullsh*t… fyi- the past administration raised taxes through the roof, do yourself a favor do your own research don't believe this Progressive shill.

  21. Florian Mielchen says:

    Haha. This only happens in the Great USA. Not so great anymore.

  22. Aso Ko says:

    Maybe Ajit Pai only wanted Title ll Net Hostility

  23. Sci says:

    L-Lib.. L-L-Libtard.. Lib.. Sorry i'm just doing my typical trump voter reply to anyone who opposes their mighty leader. I swear to god this country is going to be a shithole for anyone who isn't a billionare by the time the decades out.. Fuck my life.

  24. Markie's Home says:

    No hate but….. the dislikes are probably rich people and they are triggered by now

  25. LinkandLink says:

    Great i might lose my social security checks because of this

  26. Jerry O says:

    We're laughing our ass's off at you looser.

  27. Jerry O says:

    We don't give a dam what you looser think . you looser couldn't toot Trump's Ass

  28. Jerry O says:

    Oh you looser will have 8 year's to learn how to kiss Trump's Ass.

  29. Jerry O says:

    You looser Lost get over it and you looser need to learn how to bend over and kiss Trump's Ass's.

  30. Jerry O says:

    We're laughing our ass's off at you looser.

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