How the Credit Bureaus were forced to give me a 800 Credit Score

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5 Credit Score Building Tricks That Should be Illegal (But Are not)
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My big goal is to raise the national credit score average by educating the masses on credit and finances. The more people are informed, the higher the average will be.

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5 Responses

  1. JB & DB says:

    I really need two collections removed, they are killing my credit!

  2. Rafael Gonzalez says:

    Uncle Mike thank you for dropping all these nuggets of information. I have so much excitement when. I'm done watching your videos. My wife thinks I'm crazy that I'm always on YouTube on your videos. I hate that I'm low income and I'd really would love your help I want to succeed for my family they deserve a home and everything but I'm procrastinating because I'm scared of what the price would be for your help. Maybe I need to wait for tax season lol.

  3. Montal McGuire says:

    Hey I tried to call but my phone said I can’t call because of my call area

  4. oculos prudentium says:

    Mike its always fascinating to watch as you share how you had advanced yourself in this credit system.
    As I told a friend recently, the whole society is set up to keep people uninformed and dumbed down, so that they can (and will) take advantage of you.
    Even the kids in high school, they don't teach them about simple things like how to open a checking account, how to balance a checkbook, how to invest and make money grow, how to change a flat tire, or even how to get and manage a credit card; literally the very elementary things for life as an adult.

  5. Serena B says:

    I need help with my credit

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