How Teachers Get by on the Brink of Bankruptcy | NowThis

Both Kily Keeling and Angela Bailey are public school teachers in Oklahoma City,as well as single mothers with three kids. They’re also, like thousands of …


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33 Responses

  1. joel busald says:

    The lower the education level the more likely to vote Republican

  2. superfuresh says:

    42k a year? Thats criminal

  3. superfuresh says:

    Start taxing those parents more. I see parents with 2 mercedes dropping their kids off at PUBLIC tax payer paid school. You got 2 mercedes money you got tax money

  4. Stonks Canibl says:

    Lol.. Leader of the Free world lol.

  5. Grace Neeley says:

    I honestly feel like every teacher in the entire United States of America should just quit for a solid 30 days just f*** you to the country as a whole

  6. EvanMurphyCapstone says:

    30k teachers in Ok?have left in last 6 yrs…..any questions?

  7. The Red says:

    Yeah man! That's why I quit my teaching job! If it's illegal for us to strike, I'm just gonna quit and find a real job. I hope teachers keep quitting until the education system is vastly improved.

  8. Chicken Tender says:

    Sounds like Oklahoma politicians want to keep the citizens poor and uneducated.

  9. Lea the long Run says:

    Those politicians are the worst evil demons.

  10. Susie English says:

    My sister lives in the States with my niece. I am sacrificing everything to get them back to the UK

  11. lila yeh says:

    These teachers are in a bad position, because sure you could move and earn more money, but the kids could be stuck with someone who couldn't actually teach them.

  12. Katherine Shepard says:

    I started college planning to be a teacher until I did my student teaching. The teacher I was paired with was great but she was explaining that she worked at Red Lobster as a waitress every weekend to make extra money….I was not going to college so that I could work 2 jobs and I didn't have as much passion for teaching as I thought I did. But even as a person with no kids I don't care how much of my taxes goes to public education, I want the future adults of this country to be well educated.

  13. tammy JerkChicken says:

    I would love a update video

  14. Flynn W says:

    I remember teachers in Ontario asking for a raise. And I think they said they make like a median of 70k already. So I thought it was pretty greedy, but this sounds like a reasonable raise.

  15. Ivan says:

    Dont become a teacher.. market is saturated. Someone will work for the wages. Go cry somewhere else.

  16. aawillma says:

    Teaching requires a 4 year degree! Considering the cost of that and the dismal compensation, the only folks in this country who can afford to be teachers are those with a breadwinner spouse and that's an awful awful shame.

  17. Serenity113 says:

    I don’t understand how there are people who are against what these teachers are trying to bring awareness of. I mean the civilians not the politicians. That one guy telling them to leave because they’re not doing any productive and that woman who thinks they don’t deserve a raise. I’m just blown away by these people who think that these teachers don’t matter.

  18. Samy says:

    I think they should leave. You need to think about your family and your mental/physical health

  19. AfricanQueen Queen of Africa says:

    Single moms with 3 kids struggle in most professions. Make better life choices!

  20. Meya Star says:

    The only thing that will work is for all of these guys to go and work somewhere else. The reps really don’t care, the public do not care. Damit go somewhere where you are appreciated for your passion. If Oklahoma doesn’t care, then let them see what it’s actually like without you. There are always children who need you.

  21. Meya Star says:

    They have to PAY for their class supplies???????

  22. Open your mind says:

    This is so sad. I have a master's degree and after nearly 20 years in mental health I respecialized for guidance counseling in FL. I couldn't quite get a definitive answer on what my pay would be, quickly realized I was going to be doing 100 tasks, the least of which was counseling, working 11 hour days for less than half my prior pay. No pay on summers or vacation weeks. Only permitted to counsel kids during lunch, gym or art which they didn't want to miss. I left in under a year. The teachers poured thier heart and soul into thier jobs and they were treated terribly by the district and statepoliticians, with no voice on curriculum or testing. One of my colleagues said her school had no toilet paper. I was told in a democratic run state it would have been a different experience. GOP control and ruin everything, it is thier long time desire to have only free market education, and they starve public ed so it will fail. An uneducated populace is an easily controlled one.

  23. MERCURYPOWER2014 says:

    This is why I have not embraced my natural teaching ability. I love children and watching their minds expand. However, I have given up due to this situation.

  24. Raleigh Amelia says:

    I’m low key scared to become a teacher. I’m currently studying to be a early childhood teacher in NY and all I’ve been hearing are these horror stories. Yes, it is amazing to help children, but there are more cons then pros to me. Idk what to do

  25. bgoneification says:

    If you haven't had a raise in 10 years, the biggest problem is your unions inability to negotiate your contracts.

  26. Josh Fiore says:

    Not sister Cindy not supporting teachers

  27. Blado says:

    This is horrendous! It's 2021, can anyone enlighten us on the progress of this issue?

  28. ZoraMae says:

    Welcome to America. The government should be more than ashamed.

  29. fangurl33 says:

    This is insane.

  30. explorelka Sinha says:

    This is what happens when Education becomes just another business.

  31. P Jensen says:

    Troede der var ordnede ordentlige lønforhold i usa. det er der sku ikke

  32. mike Schepper says:

    No, you can't work at a gas station and make more.

  33. LilacDoe says:

    When I was in high school we had a foreign exchange student from Germany. I don't remember the details of how he described it, but basically he was a tier 2 student, but wanted to perfect his English in hopes of becoming a tier 1 student. Immediately he became one of our top 5 students out of over 400 in my class… and he was a tier 2 student.

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