How much does your credit score improve when charge-offs disappear? ( tells you how many points you can expect to add on to your credit score once a chargeoff falls off of your credit report.

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23 Responses

  1. Sharon Kamaka says:

    Why did mine score drop 25 points when I just had a paid as agreed per settle the / charge off removed from my credit report ?? My score didn’t go up and I’m upset .

  2. Bodidiva Tulku says:

    Late to the party but I had a paid, charge-off removed today and my score with one credit bureau went up 66 points!

  3. mstamalaj says:

    Can you pay off charge offs?

  4. R.L. Smith says:

    So for more clarification, I have a closed account that is set to fall off in Jan on 2022, what exactly is going to happen when it falls off?

  5. Jason White says:

    Great video shared!

  6. Thomas J says:

    I did a pay to delete with a medical bill I had forgotten about. It was the oy derogatory account on my report. After the collection account was removed from my report I got a 70+ point boost. I'm hovering in the 720s now. Next stop 750. I have these two nagging late payments from over 4 year's ago that I wish would just go away!

  7. Seth Statler says:

    I got them all removed through disputing them myself!!!!! 95 point in less than a week. I proceeded to dispute the other two credit bureaus! Whoohoooo!!
    Never been more relieved I had a 720 score at 20 and fucked it up over some credit cards. I paid a lawyer to help at one point. But I just did the same thing they did for free. Took me a little over two hours.

  8. Willie Ford says:

    I had 1 chargeoff deleted from my report and my experian only grew by 15 but my equifax and transunion jumped about 50 points. Any idea why?

  9. Boon Doggle says:

    I had some charge-offs fall off in the last year or so (word of advice: don’t ever co-sign a loan to help out a family member), and I recently applied for a credit card that I was invited to apply for because the expiration date was soon approaching. I was approved online but I also received a detailed written credit assessment in the mail, and I was shocked to see that my score was 812. It was 680 a little over a year ago when I last applied for a credit card. During the last seven years I haven’t had a single late payment on anything else, and I pay my credit cards in full every month 95% of the time (I made just a few major purchases that took me longer than a month to pay off, but even then I made substantial payments each month). So there’s still hope if you can otherwise maintain while waiting for negative items to age out.

  10. 9KB20VTEC says:

    How do I remove a paid charge off ?

  11. gary Causer says:

    I have 4 come off this year. One comes off 2015…currently 600 FICO…need 640 for a mortgage…

  12. Jazzy Glass Gems says:

    Original credit card charge-off fell off credit report a few months ago. I’ve gone through 3 different collection agencies for that one debt. Do I still need to pay the collection agency even though the original creditor has now fallen off of my credit report?

  13. Amir Lincoln says:

    good video

  14. 1Ataya says:

    Great video!

  15. joel balserphd says:

    i have 1 chargeoff left on my cr out of 2 I had from 2017. I just paid now in 2020 a cellphone bill in full for $242 that went to collections in 2017 but i am not sre if i shuold also contact the original creditor(rogers) to have them delete the debt from my cr as well? I also have 1 chargeoff from Collabria cc for only $240 that shows a chargeoff but is NOT in collections. I called them to ask about it and I have been making a few monthly payments to get the balance down but they have not posted my payments to my credit report. They never said why but asked how i paid them and i said thru my bank acct i made the payments. I will call them again to see why they have not reported my last 3 monthly payments of $25 each.

    I see that by paying off my Rogers bill my credit score has dropped 14 points and after the fact i read that it is common for it to drop but im afraid if I pay off my Collabria debt of $240 my score will drop more and take alot longer to rise again. My goal is to fix my score but i now see paying ff old debts is not a good thing for our scores to improve, what a scam this is!

    How can I do this the smart way and make sure I dont get a worse credit score by simply paying off my dents which are very minimal? I only owe $240 now. Plus i have 2 ccs in force with a total of only $800 owing on them.

  16. adhsnuggles says:

    Does disputing a charge off reage the acct on the credit report?

  17. Jay San says:

    I had a Kohl’s Capitol one cc gone as charged off/collection with a debt of $594. On my Experian and credit karma it showed I had a balance. It never went to “0” even after it was charged off. I desputed it. And after it was resolved they updated the balance again and now my credit took a hit. So I just decided to pay it off today in full to the original creditor(Kohl’s C1)so that the balance can go from $594 to 0. Was it a good idea? To pay directly to the original creditor?

  18. Seann T Hawj says:

    It's been 20 plus years and equifax still have my charge off on my credit report, is that even possible? Need help!????

  19. Total Meltdown says:

    asking someone to sub and like at the beginning of video is not a good presentation.

  20. Alyssa Puryear says:

    This makes me really optimistic. I'm in the process of paying off all my charge offs this month. Hoping to get them all removed in time for my 2nd mortgage closing next month. Then on my way to paying off all debt.

  21. njmark70 says:

    Question- can a installment loan be charge off after 90 days? After my car was totaled in 2014 insurance and gap coverage paid off the loan in full. The finance company said i still owed $488.00 . I paid the charge off to make it complete in 2018.

  22. Joshua Stump says:

    On almost the same topic I have three 120 day late payments on my report six and a half years ago. I can't seem to get over 710 with those issues. What can I expect when the fall off. (Morgage paid off)

  23. SixFootFemme says:

    You keep me hopeful for my 800 score one day.

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