How I Fixed Credit Fast: Removed Collections, Charge-off, and Adverse Accounts Properly

Remove and Delete things from your credit report like bad loans, evictions, library fees or any number of things then you need to be disputing those items. Especially if they are more than a year old.

Bad credit is harmful and can prevent you from renting a home, buying or leasing a car and even renting a television. This video will give you all the information you need to restore your credit and give you what you need to build 700 credit score.

How to dispute with federal student loans?

10 Steps to Dispute a Error on Your Credit Report.

If you have an issue and need more help. Email me @


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  1. Hailey Jones says:

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  2. TROCHE Stevenson says:

    just last year i was in some deep shit with my credit report after crashing my car while i was trying to avoid collision with a dog rushing to the bank to apply for a loan to cover my twin children college tuition fee. this almost changed everything for us as the auto crash had a very terrible effect on my credit score and credit report. i was in need of a miracle then i reached out trying to seek for a possible solution. my colleague at work introduced me to this excellent hacking firm QUADHACKED(at)GMAIL(dot)COM that helped her gather facts on her cheating husband, they also helped me remove negative listings from my credit report,i wasn't heading foreclosure any more, my credit card was topped and so was my credit score in weeks i was already having a score of 735 , it felt like a miracle, i'll say you reach out to them and see for yourself QUADHACKED(at)GMAIL(dot)COM.

  3. Joseph King says:

    i tried too buy it with two different cards and the website wouldn't let me pay for it.


    I just order your letters. Pretty cheap too. I will let you know how it goes. Gonna get all my stuff together and will mail it out Monday.

  5. VeganMicroFarm says:

    I mailed letter one and nothing was verified, like it was handled by a computer. I read another instruction file online that said to wait 4 days before sending letter to a different CRA and to get the letter rejected by their scanner with some handwritten info such as the account information.. Do you have any other advise to get success with deletion? I notarized the first letters and on the second round, just made copies with a different seal.

  6. Cheutney Ellerton says:

    Great video!!!


    Hello Sal, I have paid off (nearly 4 years ago) 5 charge off accounts from my report. I contacted the collections agencies that took over the accounts and worked out payments arrangements with them. All five accounts have been paid in full. These items will drop off of my report in "1.5 to 2 years. Is there anything that I can do to have them removed prior to the "seven year" waiting period to end? Thanks!

  8. December Smith says:

    I verbally made an agreement to get into a Student Loan payment plan. I have my payments postponed. Should I just go ahead and dispute and not sign up for the payment plan?

  9. Ellis San says:

    You're a good dude.

  10. Adrian Thomas says:

    I can't open the page.

  11. Daventa Mayes says:

    Daventa Mayes
    Hi cap millionaire I have a quick question If I buy the letters can I still dispute my student loans even if they are  closed and in deferment some as long as 14yrs to 9yrs old  sold/transfer/unknow can you please help!!!!!!!! want to make sure I'm buying the right material  thanks

  12. Millennial Stocks says:

    ooops.. i disputed online … smh .

  13. BP Comedy 101 says:

    Thanks fam! I'm on it!

  14. wonderful life says:

    do i need certified mail??

  15. wonderful life says:

    sal do i need notary public it is recommended???

  16. wonderful life says:

    you good bro happy new year you good peples

  17. bxnyc77 says:

    Hey,Sal I have tax liens on my credit report can your site help with that

  18. No Sh!t says:

    Damn man, your a good dude. Helping people for free. Thanks for this info

  19. Bryan Knight says:

    Great stuff Sal. I've been aggressively removing stuff from my credit for the last 2 months and it's working man! I also learned about business credit and you're right, I've gone from vender credit to store credit and as soon as they start reporting I'm on to cash credit for my business. All with no personal guarantee. It's hella fast compared to consumer credit. Been following your channel for awhile. Just felt I had to comment on this one. Love you stuff. Keep it coming man.

  20. Tracking The Market says:


  21. Grown Man says:

    thanks. these student loans kicking my ass. I appreciate your channel. I am learning stocks through your advice. soon I will have financial freedom.

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