How Historically Accurate is GTA: San Andreas?

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The 1990s were an eventful decade for the city of Los Angeles—with the crack epidemic coming to an end, street gang rivalry was at an all time high. Police officers continued to abuse their power on civilians, and one beating took it too far, prompting a riot that shut the city down for a week. Watch as we look into how these events connect to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The Real History is a series of videos about historical video games, examining the true events that inspired them. Whether it’s set in the 13th century, the 1990s, or an alternate reality, each game has a unique aspect based on or inspired by true historical events, and I’ll try to examine these in an educational and entertaining format.


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26 Responses

  1. Relaxer 11 says:

    All we need is a remaster of Gta: San Andreas and it will be at perfection.

  2. Jade Nguyen says:

    Ngl, I think they muddled all the heavier parts of the riot’s history so as not to offend either side.

    If they actually made the riots a race thing like in real life, now you’re rewriting traumatic history, bringing people down for what’s supposed to be a fun game, and not telling the story with enough seriousness and care (which is almost impossible anyways because it’s a video game). Plus that’s putting a whole lot of emotional labor on DJ Pooh, who they’ve brought on to help write this game’s story. He might’ve backed out if they asked him to do this. And then there would’ve been the issue of using racial hardship to make your story unnecessarily deeper, but that’s another story…

    I don’t know if they should be telling these stories in a more politicized way, but it’s probably better they kept it light on all that race stuff. You play video games to get away from the biases of the real world.

  3. Charles ツ says:

    I'll still play this game even when I'm 40.

  4. Low Spec Stickman says:

    San andreas is for the gangsta's boi hands is language for the gangsta's boi

  5. Martincitoaguilar 41 says:

    I bet In the next few years maybe Rockstar decided working on a GTA that is based on The George Floyd protests and Minneapolis.

  6. o0TraceuR0o says:

    U gotta do a vice city coverage, miami in the 70s cmon pussy, cocaine and disco funk music

  7. Say my name says:

    Why tf is it age restricted? I know it’s not you but YouTube is on some nut sh*t

  8. A Dank Meme says:

    Music in video?

  9. Guxtavo Bmp-3 says:

    What a great video!

  10. Darkknight 420 says:

    I always thought it was kinda base on true life

  11. Infamism WorldWild says:


  12. Loquendero 2001 says:


  13. lin chen says:

    why you put age restricted pls remove age restricted

  14. MaptainCajed says:

    Fantastic video, pal. Keep it up

  15. ThePhantomKing says:

    Crash. So they used K-9 Bandicoots instead of K-9 Dogs.

  16. Dsg Dsg says:

    This is So good you are bad ass

  17. birb says:

    Me:plays rip off of GTA
    Also ripped off GTA:18+

  18. Jinxz says:

    As an Australian I do NOT pronounce “Ballas” as “Bar Las”

  19. Tab Martin says:

    You ever think about why CJ never just killed Officer Tenpenny like DJ can kill hundreds of people but not just one cop

  20. Joseph Levi says:

    Well done mate

  21. سعد القحطاني says:

    Great work man

  22. Andini V says:

    I won't hta sa remastered in ps5

  23. Prateek Majhee says:

    That's some next level research papers man !! Impressive

  24. Prateek Majhee says:

    But all you had to do was to follow the damn train CJ !!

  25. brayden says:

    No way

  26. GSF says:


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