How Getting Rid of the Credit Score System Fights Racism | The Amber Ruffin Show

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After a hard day, we all like to pour a glass of wine, go on Zillow, and dream. But, to make that Zillow house a reality, you have to have a good credit score. A credit score is an unbiased algorithm that tells lenders whether you can pay a mortgage. But what if it isn’t unbiased at all?

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how to get rid of something on your credit report

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27 Responses

  1. Den Santamaria says:

    Just commenting to show love.

  2. James Lawrence says:

    Somehow Macklemore Fans seems more derogatory than yt ppl.

  3. dominick galgano says:

    This lady is on point…

  4. Frederick Franklin says:

    How is it that between unemployment and food stamps, there is a math equation to tell someone that is broke, they are making too much money but not enough money to collect food stamps."Tommy Aint Got No Job" -Martin

  5. 376ironman says:

    Credit scores were created to try to keep suburbs white, and to prevent homeownership for all minorities!!! They are heavily oppressive, and it was by design!! Great segment Amber!!

  6. GOIIWARTV says:

    Love this segment I learn something new each time

  7. Kevin Reese says:

    My potential lender said he didn't contact me due to him having covid19 for two weeks, but it only took him three months to reestablish contact with me!

  8. David Hoshour says:

    Clearly the people with low credit scores will be the poor and minorities. This is another way for the wealthy to stop you from moving to their neighborhood!

  9. Daniel Conway says:

    I'll gladly turn over my 530 credit score.

  10. Shane Guinn says:

    Agreed, agreed, and everyone knows this and everyone accepts it. It's bs.

  11. Wilson Mourino says:

    I believe this statement through my own experience.

  12. Rayman says:

    We have credit scores here in Canada too….if i gets checked by any lenders, it drops.

  13. Gargwin Vinesnake says:

    Seperated for two years. Paid ex their equity. Haven't missed a single mortgage or bill payment, finished paying off my car, same job for six years, CREDIT SCORE SAYS NO I can't have the mortgage just under my name because I can't afford it alone!? So when mortgage comes up for renewal if ex doesn't sign on I may not be able to keep my house.

  14. Randy C says:

    Amber, you are absolutely right. The secret is cumin.

  15. RAMON morgan says:

    Amber you are a genius

  16. Enigma Productions says:

    Get woke

  17. J L Sudberry says:

    Did anyone notice how the corporations that bankrupted the country had their credibility restored asap thanks to those with bad credit?

  18. Thomas Akagi says:

    Americans are so obsessed about China's social credit system, they're not seeing the flaws at home.

  19. Alexander de Burdegala says:

    Car dealers don't pick your interest rate. The banks do.

  20. S says:

    Credit should be done differently. Your score should only go down if you stop paying your bills. That's the only way it should go down.

  21. Zachary Milliman says:

    Troll under a bridge comment. Thank you.

  22. Marie Major says:

    You are so funny hey, where did you get that jacket, does the flower shop have any more I want one. lol Just trying to be funny.

  23. Marc Gingras says:

    If you cant afford a house sleep outside

  24. James Bond says:

    I've always said the credit score should go back two year.

  25. San Dee says:

    Who ever is writing for Amber is doing a great job.

  26. mirriam warner says:

    That explains why my husband's credit score is higher than mine.

  27. The Amber Ruffin Show says:

    Check out this Week’s full episode on Peacock, including a special sign off from Phoebe Robinson!

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